2 thoughts on “Glorious Sounds of Swamp Draining”

  1. Since martial law was instituted here, already being a daily walker there has been a huge resurgence in people walking. This has really given me many opportunities to try to awaken many folks.
    While in these conversations, I make it a point to ask where they get their information and or research. By far their answer is Television. Few even research the information given to them by MSM and the few that do, reference Wikipedia. Even when they are reminded of the proven falsity over Russia gate. They still believe these lying traitors and the spin they manufacture. Out of all the criminals and their crimes, by far these liars are the ones that need to be hung. The MSM is the NWO most potent weapon. Somehow we must break this spell, and I can see why POTUS has called them out at every opportunity.
    Yesterday Tracy Beanz had Congressman Devin Nunez on her channel for an excellent interview. Our political warriors are the solution, especially POTUS.
    Stop going on MSM to talk and go to the alternative media with reports, interviews etc. These MSM bots have no foothold there and the Patriots there are their greatest allies. We’ve seen the backlash OANN has caused by POTUS giving them credibility. Just imagine the press room filled with our alternative voices. The daily virus briefings, interviews etc, given strictly to alt media with all the copyrights and priveledges.
    Even Douglas might get a chance, to question some of these folks. We have to destroy the Fake News .

  2. The people or persons receiving the Mandatory Vaccination’s are ALL the BAD GUY’S on our Planet, they will be cared for and Exterminated by the numbers in sequence.


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