Is Patented Spy Doll Listening to Your Children’s Intimate Play Time?

Jovan’s INTERACTIVE DOLL patent U.S. Pat. No. 6,629,133 filed Aug. 19, 1999 (attached) (filed 999-awarded 2003)

He has assigned (ownership) all of his patents to: (each one of these variants with and without periods in the abbreviations, are different companies so that the whole list does not come up in a single search)

  1. LV Partners, LP (Dallas, TX)
  2. LV Partners, L.P. (Dallas, TX)
  3. L.V. Partners, LP (Dallas, TX)
  4. L.V. Partners, L.P. (Dallas, TX)
  5. RPX-LV Acquisition LLC (Wilmington, DE)

Jovan appears not to own a single one of his alleged patents. This has all the tell-tale signs of a conspiracy to defraud by a racket. Jovan is merely the front man, which makes his claims of First Named Inventor fraudulent and invalidate the patents.



2 thoughts on “Is Patented Spy Doll Listening to Your Children’s Intimate Play Time?”

  1. Walt Disney, Inc. may yet have found a gold mine with this. Imagine a new 2021 edition Mickey Rat, complete with bionic ear and ESP capabilities for reporting on children for everything from sneaking cookies to not doing their homework. I foresee the day when being a kid will be a long lost memory replaced by tyranny and debt.

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