5 thoughts on “White Collar Terrorists in America”

  1. Basically there are only about a dozen moral people within Washington D.C. The rest have sold us out to the highest bidder. What a Criminal Cabal. Thanks for the news.

  2. So how much longer is it going to take Trump to sort out these terrorists…..I doubt his bankers (The Rothchids) will let him…..unless you know otherwise????????????

  3. Some feed back from Great Britain for you. Everytime I email your analysis (which is spot on as far as I am concerned) to other British people in the UK in my contacts lists, the moment they hear you say “Its the British”, they automatically switch off…..so you get no support from here. Instead try saying “Its the British Deep State Establishment and Civil Service”. That way you WILL get people in Britain to sit up and listen to you. Criticise the British (people) you will get no one to listen to you. I have mentioned this before to you, and you have always said that you do not mean the ordinary British people.That I know is true, but you need to take on board the feed back from Britain if you want to be taken seriously by the British general public here, who rightly or wrongly are VERY pro Monarchy for the most part, so insidious that they are.

    1. Yes, we know many citizens have been brainwashed about the Monarch. We are trying to wake up those who have the ability to hear. Unfortunately, not everyone will know what happened when Donald Trump dismantles the British Imperial Empire. But YOU will know and you will know how to explain to those around you. We add disclaimers all the time about who in Britain we speak about and our listening audience in the UK is robust, but we will not change our style or substance.

      1. Well so far we have not seen any dismantling by Trump of anything yet, other than refunding the WHO and certainly not The Federal Reserve or the British Monarchy. If he has where is the evidence???? I read on one of your blogs that Fauci was arrested as he has not been seen at White House briefings for 3 days. Is this true, and if it is, where is the evidence as I have not noticed it on the MSM or in the Alternative Media as yet??????

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