Diamonds, Goldman Sachs, and Lemons

Homework Assignment for the AIM School of Truth.

Who in Washington D. C. would know best how these items are connected?


Goldman Sachs


We are doing the research now and you can’t believe what we have found, but we want you to research with us. The answer will eventually be given by us, if not YOU first. We will be posting articles in the next few weeks, starting with the early history of Cecil Rhodes and diamonds to the present day of the glitter and glitz of Hollywood.

This is going to be a crowdsource project with PRIZE $$$ for the winner. The first person to put the answer in a comment box on our main site at the American Intelligence Media (so that it is date stamped) will win $500 as long as you have a way to receive it through Paypal.

The answer must include the name of the D. C. person and a coherent few paragraphs of why these items are connected and why it matters in draining the swamp.

Additionally, on this page under the meme, we will keep a list of articles that we post in the next few weeks regarding this discovery. That way if you are “late to class” you can catch up. Bookmark it now for easy access.

There could be bonus prize money for exceptional research. Hope to see you win Big Kash.



Here are articles that we are posting to help researchers understand some of the foundational research already done on this subject matter. This is not our report, just nuggets.


8 thoughts on “Diamonds, Goldman Sachs, and Lemons”

  1. Since I haven’t a Pay Pal account and I believe I already know this story I’ll leave a clue for rest of you!
    Diamonds were never really rare or valuable! Have fun!

      1. The Great Mission with the Bible and the gun Cecil Rhodes deprived most of the South African tribes of their freedom, land, possessions and destined them to a life of servitude.
        That Diamond ring on your finger carries the blood of millions of Africans, from Sierra Leone in the 1990’s to the bushes of Africa where Rhodes’s brutality England’s Armies swept through South Africa conquering tribe after tribe. Yes I know most of this sad story, how Rothchild financed DeBeers cornering the Markets, to the financing of wars through diamonds for weapons. This is one of the saddest stories and look forward to your research. Those behind the curtain are seldom exposed, perhaps your Miners can shed light on them.

    1. “nor” valuable
      The Antwerp Jews and all their layers of middle men making $carse a fairly abbundant commodity are becoming absolete via online trading.
      Blood Diamonds,

  2. DARN.
    It’s garbage can night and other stuff I so I won’t make a formal entry yet and might be forsaking prize money for housework, BUT it’s definitely Mnuchin (THE 💀 & 🦴s-man).
    Descended from Aaron the 🇧🇪 💎 dealer. Steven and his father were both Goldman partners.
    I DON’T KNOW about the 🍋s yet, but I see Mnuchin is connected to the crazy Aussie Packer guy— and I know he was some kind of front for the old-time international Jewish syndicate guy named Saffron.
    Now I have to get back to work. We’ll see who beats me to the final connection and finished composition.

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  3. BUT — I do know LEMONS were a cover for heroin shipments in the old days, but for the ITALIAN mob…
    More later!

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  4. RE Homework Sachs, Diamonds, Lemons
    For the past few days I’ve immersed myself in the top tier of elitist banker type who basically control the financial markets of the world. It’s a putrid place where no morality exists leaving me grateful to not ever been an heir to a fortune.
    With a hundred different tabs open on the subject of Goldman Sachs, concentrating on the Mnuchin family, and seeing no other active research ongoing, I decided I would present my findings.
    Due to limited linking in the comment box I will only offer the most relevant link to my post at the bottom.
    Already being aware of the Diamond part of this story, I looked into the Lemons, what I found was how Goldman Sachs with Steve Mnuchin turned lemons into lemonade. Basically this was how they repackaged junk and sold it for gold, then hedged their bets on the fallout. The 2008 housing crisis, and how they made windfall profits, gained bailouts, huge bonuses,and seized homes.
    Previous comments were left fingering Steve Mnuchin and his wife. So I did a deep dive into them seeing he came from Goldman Sachs as well as his father, both Yale graduates and his 3rd wife Louise Litton.
    I asked myself why Steve Mnuchin accepted the position of Treasury Secretary and why President Trump offered.
    There is no secret that the upper echelons of our unelected government rotate in and out of government back into big money banks and corporations accepting minuscule wages while “serving” the people then to reemerge in the private sector making 10 to 100 times the income. Some repeating the transition multiple times.
    What became obvious is this is by no means limited to America or to time. In the link is a sample of the history of the transitions that have taken place in the past. The conclusion is collusion, what better way to insure income producing policy than to be part of making the laws governing the policy.
    Why did President Trump choose Steve Mnuchin. His family’s history and his own experiences, knowledge of how to make lemonade from lemons and as a side serving his involvement in the film industry. To basically draw from his pool of knowledge.
    Why did Mnuchin accept Trump’s offer. Did he see the light? Was he on board with draining the Swamp? Or did he see as his predecessors did that the best place for him to insulate and protect their fortunes and to be able to gain from his tenure was to accept the position. He did accept at the disgust of his family and friends. Was he trying to change the Mnuchin namesake from the crime syndicate to economic savior. Time will reveal the answers.
    I may not have solved the connections of the assignment adequately with my limited resources however the time invested really made visible the not so pretty connections between banking and governments. Personally I don’t care for Mr Mnuchin’s persona and his past, nor his attention seeking wife, and I would lean to him being smart enough to grab a seat at the winning table for future gains as his reason for taking the position.
    There is no doubt that these elitist all belong to a club all vying and jockeying for power, influence and control among themselves held somewhat loosely knit together as to never wound another mortally unless you become a traitor to their club. Very much similar to how sharks live together in the ocean.
    I look forward to see how your research ties in, if any to this.

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