Why #SilverSqueeze will free us from Prison Planet

We added the Gabriel’s GAB TV link to the AIM app. Easy to access our newest uploads by accessing your phone app. The app is free (and still available)) on Apple and Google Play. The channel is inside the Starship category.


Join us on GAB TV: https://tv.gab.com/channel/gabriels_horn


Vimeo shut us down because we exposed the Rothschild connection of Qinetiq and the Monarch. YouTube changed its terms and conditions in December 2019 that would have exposed all of our videos and channel to termination so we had to stop uploading to YT.

Now that we are on the GAB, we started a GAB TV account and be uploading some of our vintage materials as well as new discussions. They will include videos of a wide range of interests that the Gabriels have, not just political. If you are easily offended by our eclectic and far-reaching discussions, best to stay away.

Our first upload is The Theft of Social Media. https://tv.gab.com/channel/gabriels_horn/view/the-theft-of-social-media-603cf1e36944c8d06cd71d65


Then, we uploaded a discussion about silver. Watch the video here:



In the video, Tyla mentioned a silver/gold stacker friend who attended a Detroit coin show this weekend. Our friends is not in our AIM orbit so had no idea why he was seeing these crowds. This is what he wrote:

Today I went to a Coin Show. It was only the second one in southeast Michigan this year due to COVID restrictions. But what I saw today is unprecedented. The crowd was HUGE from open to close. Customers were buying all the gold and silver they could afford. It was almost frantic. And the thing is, except for the super high value coins, the dealers were all saying their suppliers are SOLD OUT.

And just as important is that the premiums for the bullion coins were running at around 20%. This means that a one ounce gold coin worth $1735 in gold, was selling for $2050 or more. And the Saint Gardens double eagle coins worth $1685 in gold were selling for $2000 or more. Silver was carrying even a bigger premium with $10 face value in pre-1965 US Silver coinage selling for $230. One ounce silver eagles were selling for $40.

When I got home I did some research and found that the biggest Silver ETF (SLV) changed its prospectus to state that anyone wanting physical silver delivery, may not get it for quite some time to to supply demand imbalances. Also that the US Mint can not supply dealers as orders exceed stocks by an order of at least 3x.

Here’s a video of an interview with one if the largest silver bullion dealers in the US. I personally think we are about to see a major run up on both gold and silver. Hope you folks all have enough, and if you are thinking if buying – now US the time.



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