7 thoughts on “The Black Swan is Coming”

  1. Great presentation – still laughing about how “togetherness” might not be Noah’s ark!! I think the first chink in this armor is the young mothers who demanded that they have child care while they continue to work. At least in Nebraska, they are letting child care continue as long as there are not more than 10 children in a room. It will likely be the test of “togetherness” that brings this virus to a halt – people will get to a point where they would rather take their chances with the virus than be confined one more day!

  2. I am a CPA and have read the most recent update in an article in the Journal of Accountancy on the emergency bill Trump signed. MOST small businesses with less than 50 employees are exempt from paying employees who must be off due to the COVID19 virus. The law applies to businesses with 500 or fewer employees (with the exception noted above.) I hope this allays some of Betsy’s concerns about small businesses.

    1. So what is your point. Small businesses with 60 people are slammed. And they don’t have the extra squeeze to pick up the tab for employees that go on FMLA that will need to be paid.

  3. Two weeks back I was at the local pizza restaurant and the lady said the bank was out of quarters. She said the other bank branch was out of quarters too. I told her that is because coins are real money and paper bills are debt notes. I told her to save her coins because if the paper dollar tanks, coins will be the real money for trade.

  4. They do about this Coronavirus! If the president signed the Stanford Act that means the federal government goes Underground and there’s about seventy of them. They even killed the president United States. Have you seen the last press conference? What the hell is going on?

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