8 thoughts on “Crossing The Delaware 2.0”

  1. Douglas,
    Take a look at the planets on Jan. 11 and 12. Big bunchup in high degrees of Capricorn and adjacent Aquarius. Mercury will
    Be scooting through the planetary traffic jam, which includes the Sun(Earth), Moon, Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter, and Venus (also nearby in Capricorn, and catching up.) Plus! Mars and Uranus conjuct in Taurus. Big events happening on Earth, as it is in the Heaven. Happy NewYear to yourself and herself.
    Maybe you or another conclave member has some ideas?

  2. I went to Great Cuts was told I needed a muzzle. Told her I couldn’t wear one. She insisted it was their rule so I left. She had the red skin around the outside of her mask with swollen whelps. I knew the next phase would be Bacterial Pneumonia. I felt sorry for her.

    1. We haven’t uploaded an audio or video in over a month so you aren’t missing anything from us. We post our Cat Reports daily and if we do an audio, it will be on it.

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