Did Kenneth Kohn Suppress a Cure for Diabetes?

kenneth KohnCould it be that a Michigan attorney Kenneth Kohn https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-kenneth-kohn-4831037/  has suppressed a cure for many if not all viruses, including heart disease and diabetes caused by “Ljungan virus,” renamed “Parechovirus B” in Jul. 07, 2014 led by the Pirbright Institute ?  (Kohn represented the Swedish inventor Bo Nikasson and let it lapse for failure to pay a fee on Sep. 20, 2016.)

Since it lapsed, Big Pharma can pick it up, add to it without underlying licenses, and appears to have buried it because it would destroy their diabetes virus bioweapons.

U.S. Pat. No. 8,231,879 Bo Niklasson. (Jul. 31, 2012). TREATMENT OF DISEASES CAUSED BY VIRAL INFECTIONS. U.S. Patent Office.

viral infection

From the attached patent:

Col. 12 Lns. 46-48

chronic diabetes


His Farmington Hills Michigan attorney, Kenneth Kohn, Ph.D, J.D.,  30500 Northwestern Hwy #410

Farmington Hills, MI 48334 (248) 539-5050 let this patent lapse for failure to pay a fee.

viral infection 2clients


3 thoughts on “Did Kenneth Kohn Suppress a Cure for Diabetes?”

  1. Terminal Virus Germ, Dr. Anthony Fausi, needs to be Exterminated ASAP, along with Dr. Wanna B, Bill Gates, of University Fly-in-the-Ointment, as his duly AP. Apprentice. None of these educated people R here to help anyone but themselves & pocketbook, or any of the Human Race, to better our living existentialism to date.


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