Dr. Fauci – Global Death Lord

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Raw audio file: https://aim4truthblog.files.wordpress.com/2020/03/dr-fauci-global-death-lord.mp3

Dr. Fauci Wants to Exterminate Your Family by Transfection

Treason: Who Terrorized Americans and the World on 9-11?

Coronavirus, QinetiQ, and the Rothschild Bombshell


Betsy’s Recipe

5 thoughts on “Dr. Fauci – Global Death Lord”

  1. Betsy thankyou so much for your very viral anger at these people like Fucky I am a father of two beautiful boys and my wife on Palm Sunday with our boys dressed with two new suits praying with a real man of God. Walking down a street in the poor part of Las Vegas trusting God and trusting love with the truth of our movement.Douglas I love you so much. Betsy I love you and I love Michael McKibben you all keep me from wanting to take these people out but I know in the nice world these people try to trigger crazy actions so they can look good. I pray everyday for all people of good will. I have told my sons we as a family the Cummings Clan through Charles Carroll risked our Catholic wealth to bring freedom and I am proud to know that my Irish ancestors pushed these people out through gorilla warfare caused these royal asses to leave as cowards. In these times we the people who will love no matter what. The world does not not need o end it needs to get well. I love you and I pray for your wellbeing everyday. Thankyou. I am at your service. peacefulwarrior@leader.com+++

    1. We will be successful in overthrowing the Queen’s imperial rule over America. Then Betsy will stop being such a potty mouth…but this is a war of information where we use truth as our weapon and the evil ones whose Father is of Lies use propaganda. Our prayers are with you, your wife, and the young men you are raising to be American patriots.

  2. Time to stop bashing the British people who are ignorant of all you talk about through no fault of their own as they rely on the BBC for their information….they know no better….. try instead Bashing the British Establishment ONLY and make sure each time you speak about the Brits make a point of making it quite clear WHO exactly who you are attacking…..every time, andNOT just some of the time….which you do. That way you will not alienate the Patriotic British People. Secondly, we Patriotic British people who do follow you are also looking for the MOST fundamental change in American Policy from your President Trump. That is the neutering of the Federal Reserve and other Banks, and stopping the roll out of 5G. So far as of today he has done NOTHING on either subject. When he does, then he can expect FULL SUPPORT from the American and the British people. Time is running out for him. WE all know he was bailed out from Bankruptcy by the Rothchilds, and surrounds himself with Ashkenhazi Jews, and is a GREAT friend of Israel, moving the USA Embassy to Jerusalem and marring off his daughter to a Zionist Jew who has come up with a deplorable plan for the Palestinian people, which he has endorsed. His track record is not looking good from where I sit…..prove me wrong???? Trump is a Jesuist and was brought up as one so that might figure and explain his behaviour. He has not yet fired the Eugenicist Fauci or Brix, and not called out Bill Gates for what he is. We the Patriots of the UK and America expect him to do this if he is to be credible and relevant to the world as the next US President

    1. Not going to change our style on iota. The British need to wake up from their deep sleep before they become the first victims of the Queen’s 5G microwave oven extermination program. Your other comments about Donald Trump are rubbish. Pay attention to what is really going on so YOU, not us, can wake up the British people. And by the way, our program is loved by many Brits who pass our material wide and far. Sounds like you are the one with a problem with “names”. Bottom line, the Brits are not our friends. And a wide awake world is going to take down the bloody Monarch.

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