President Trump Won the 2020 Re-Election

Betsy and Thomas explain that we won the 2020 election, but will have some more obstacles through the end of December….just like Douglas predicted earlier in the year. Michael also joins us in the analysis of the information war.

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NeoNazi, white supremacist runs the SOS office in Michigan!

Michigan Secretary of State is a Pilgrims Operative Put in Place to Destroy Trump

11 thoughts on “President Trump Won the 2020 Re-Election”

  1. This was what someone posted about Arizona

    Several days ago, I posted on this site regarding what I was seeing here in Maricopa County, AZ.
    Maricopa County is one of the largest counties in the U.S. It is where Phoenix is located.

    I posted about my concern over all of the Biden/Harris support that I was seeing in Maricopa County. I drive at least 100 miles a day.
    Some folks here were upset by my comment, which was simply my own observation.

    Having lived in Arizona on and off for 30+ years (not a snowbird), I have watched thousands and thousands of people from California; Oregon, and Washington State pour into Arizona over the past five years. It has gotten even more crazy since Feb. this year.

    The people moving here are driving on license plates from CA; OR, and WA and were
    putting up their Biden/Harris signs and Mark Kelly signs as soon as their U-Haul was unloaded.

    Also, yesterday, a Proposition was on the ballot regarding the legalization of marijuana.
    (We have, for the past few years, been a medical marijuana State.)
    The Proposition passed. We will now have access to recreational marijuana.
    And the State Legislature, which foolishly gave the governor full emergency powers for an unlimited amount of time, has no way to change anything that gets voted on in a Proposition.
    Car insurance rates, which are said to be the 4th highest in the nation, will likely see another hike.
    Impaired drivers along with illegals who can’t read traffic signs and who drive clunkers will cause great harm in the years ahead.

    I am currently in the far West Valley of the metro PHX area. The price of dirt here has gone sky high, and builders are competing with each other for lumber, concrete and labor (mostly illegals).
    This industry did Not slow down during the Governor’s forced lockdown. Tract homes are being built in about 100 days or less and being sold as “quick move-in”.

    The housing market in Maricopa County is very overheated due to people pouring in with Ca$h.
    With Ca$h, no assessment needs to be done to ascertain whether the house is valued for X # of $.
    So, if JoeSoCal sees a house for 450,000 and wants it ASAP, he plunks down 451,000 and it’s his in 30 days or even less time.

    Governor Ducey, a McCain RINO, who started working for the McCain family when he came here to attend AZ State University, is lying to our President. When President Trump says, Hey Doug how about those low, low gasoline prices, Ducey nods his head affirmatively and smiles. In fact, our gas prices here are pretty locked in around $2.30, or 2.60 if you go over to Scottsdale.

    I was in PA from Dec.2019 till March 2020. I drove back and forth across the country using I-10 and I-95. Nowhere did I encounter gasoline prices as high as they are in AZ.

    Ducey has done ZERO for the conservatives in this State, and we elected him. He has recently sold his mansion in Paradise Valley (which is even more expensive than Scottsdale). Looks like he might have a gig in DC. Dr. Birx meets with him, here in AZ, a lot. And Cindy McCain is lobbying for a “special job” of her own design with the US State Dept.

    Arizona was Red until now. Arizona was the adopted home of tons of WWII vets and those retiring out of Luke AFB which is located here. Lots of red, white and blue.

    Five years ago, there would have NOT been a problem with counting the votes here.
    Because it was overwhelmingly R, except for the known pockets of resistance.

    Never underestimate these liberals. Or whatever they’ve morphed into.

  2. Have you’ve ever had the opportunity to play a board game with a cheater, or one that changes the rules to their liking, when confronted lies about it, and never held to account? Well my friends I have, and even if they were the last person on earth I would never play another game with them. That is the point I’ve reached in this game. These despots in charge, have lied, cheated, changed the rules, stole, and theirs is the only voice allowed to be heard. I’m not playing anymore. I’ll be there when your ready to get your pitchfork, torches, hemp ropes and do what needs to be done.

  3. Color revolution is now being conducted in the U.S. to prevent Trump from continuing in office; to prevent the Artemis moon landing and development: to prevent the massive development of infrastructure projects such as NAWAPXX11 (aquafier project for west coast states – 4 million jobs for 20 years [look it up]); crisscrossing the U.S. with high speed meg lev rail (china is now building 600KPH meg-lev system), along with return to the Alexander Hamilton economic process to fund all this (replace the British collapsing colonial financial system now in place in America). Go to to get the big picture of massive development – return to good health care, education, industry that brings high pay jobs, jobs, jobs, and a unlimited future for our Nation that can help all the poor countries become self sufficient.
    Color revolutions are usually run in third world countries by the British empire (as they are doing here by their agents in place in our government and news agencies) that benefits the British colonial financial system when they use this geopolitical maneuver.

  4. The left dodged a bullet this election, Trump is going to win. I was literally getting ready to head to DC to join with millions of other armed Americans to deal with these Communist scum. All of their institutions need to burn, they are being funded by China and other Communists like George Soros. The media along with all the conspirators, to include Democrats and Republicans that are working against the Constitution need to face trials of Treason and be punished by death. China has too much influence in our Judiciary and rich international bankers. Our republic is becoming more indoctrinated by the communist education department that has been infiltrated by communists that came over from France, Germany, and Poland after the war. People better wake up and follow the money and quit chasing the symptoms of this before it’s too late.

    1. Divide and conquer has always been the slogan of the British Empire’s geopolitical manuvering – used to have “Hey – Briton id friends with both of you but I think You and Him should fight and Ill call the winner and treat him accordingly”.
      Remember who ordered theit agents to assassinate Hamilton, Lincoln, Garfield, Franklin Rosevelt ( person beside FDR war killed instead of FDR), Kennedy and almost Reagan
      Who masterminded the American Civil war??
      Who …….hey the list never ends – “It’s the British Empire ” behind all the crap happening in America – they want all the goodies – nothing for developing out great Nation – simply insuring a ‘opium’ war against America just as they did with China. Poverty in the U.S just as they dif when taking over the highest manufacturing country in the world 300 years ago – India! ( now look at it!).

  5. The Democrats were unfair to President Trump and Manipulated the Votes to Try and Win the 2020 Election, this Election Should be a Do Over Or Thrown Out !

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