Can diatomaceous earth get rid of COVID swab squigglies | Morgellons?

As I was posting on GAB this evening, I saw more and more disturbing videos are coming out about the black squigglies appearing on the masks and COVID swabs.

Moving Black Strings On Masks & Swabs: Parasites? Morgellons? Worm-Like Micelles For Drug Delivery?. Also a video here.


I was thinking about what I would do if I discovered that I had been swabbed with these “nanobots”. DIATOMACEOUS earth (clay) came to mind! In an article we posted How to Antidote EMFs and 5G, we suggested a protocol for eliminating heavy metals from your body. Diatomaceous earth is used to get rid of all kinds of microscopic critters and metals from the body.

10 Amazing Uses for Diatomaceous Earth Around the Home

Then, sure enough… in my internet searches I began to see articles like this:

Diatomaceous Earth to Fight Morgellons Disease

Research it for yourself and see if this might have merit for killing off these bizarre nanotube/bots/whatever they are. Spread the word.

We highly recommend that you learn how to brew your own colloidal silver water – great way to fight harmful infections, viruses, and bacteria. I haven’t been sick since the 1980s – a daily swig of homemade silver water is better than an apple a day?

How to make silver water – EASY!

You’ll want to buy a few sets of those silver rods now, while they are inexpensive and available.

11 thoughts on “Can diatomaceous earth get rid of COVID swab squigglies | Morgellons?”

  1. While reading this post, I also was strck struck with an idea. Please allow me to elaborate, but first this idea isn’t meant to detract from, it is an addition to your post. They are great ideas to treat the symptons of the evil that now plagues the world.
    My idea is to go on the offensive and eradicate the cause of these symptoms.
    Now for my idea!
    If there were spiitual leaders among us, who had the means, access and the platform, could those leaders assemble a group of 48 or perhaps 144,000 in a parlance in prayer, asking for guidance and help from the higher beings to conquer the evils that now threaten all of humanity? A non denominational assembly of enlightened souls with a common plea for help from the most powerful.
    One might say, there are already places available for this purpose. To that I say they are fraught with conditions and complications that hinder their appeals.
    I fully believe that with even with this small amount of people we could change the tide of this battle, if that be of the will of the most high. In many ways one could say that the falling away from our spiritual roots could have much to do with the predicament we now find ourselves in. I also believe that this may be our only and strongest weapon to offset the future plans the evil entities have laid out for humanity. I see this as a no loss tactic in this war against evil, that fighting them on their battlefield without the support of each other and those higher beings intervening we won’t succeed.
    If one is truly a believer in a higher power, the tales from our past give us the proof of the power of faith and prayer.
    Thanks for listening and as always I am always available for discussions.

    1. Many have been doing this.Have recognized True essence of problem.Ive suggested this on many sites.Keep suggesting and spread the word.Raise vibration by meditate,pray,focus on love and compassion energy thoughts actions.Many organized religions are Very corrupted and involved in pedocrimes/$laudering. St. Benedict prayers and blessed medals are supposed to be very useful for exorcism and make someone laugh,be in nature,volunteer,be the change.

  2. On further thought, a spiritual leader with access to years of data and observations at their disposal may be able to choose the 48 leaders of their Spiritual army of 144,000. Those chosen may find it quite an honor to be one of the 48. One might believe that the Aim community may be best suited to fill such a spot in history. Could it be us? Someone has to choose the 48.

    1. Indeed, those of you who know you are one of the 48 have a special mission to lead humanity into the new age. We will be revealing more as time goes on. But first, we needed to gather our group and make sure everyone understood the real history of the planet.

    2. There’s a worldwide group called Connecting Consciousness, headed by Simon Parkes. They are doing just what you’ve both suggested. Look them up 😊

      1. Simon Parkes is a loony propagandist. Why in the world would you recommend him or thos other British shills like Charlie Ward.

      2. Thank you for the reply. I do know of Simon and his group. Thank for the suggestion, however Simon and I do not share the same beliefs.

  3. Upon further thought into this idea!
    If one already had much of the criteria already produced to start a “legit” religious organization, there could be many benefits. First of which by establishing their own doctrine of beliefs, they could put into place certain unobjectionable practices to which we would adhere to. This would put firmly in place religious objections to which we stand for. Thus standing firmly on the first amendment of the constitution.
    I’m quite sure a hierarchy could be established and staffed with some of the most brilliant, integral, moral minds. 48 of them. Rudolf Stiener created one such movement. The church of Satan has his own, why shouldn’t we? I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts on this through out the day, please chime in with your thoughts!

  4. I am all for this. Oh how I’d love to be a part of our praying to our Saviour for the allowance to bring America back to it’s roots. Our roots were founded with the grace of God and it’s time we live like Jesus would have us live again. Loving our neighbor as we would ourselves. God bless you and God bless America! Amen.

    1. Pray at 4.30 am for 30 or 13 minutes using appropriate scriptures & proclamations .Pray 3 times a day for 13 minutes to smash the plans of the evil ones. SPREAD THE WORD !!! ?

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