Travis J. DeCosta – Attorney for TruNews

The Facts Ma’am, just the Facts.

Who are these people at TruNews that come in and do lengthy interviews with citizens who have researched FACTS about Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, Anthony Fauci and his Abyss family roots, and then hide these facts from the public by canning, shelving, and/or thwarting any attempts for publication?

One such internet grifter and shill is RICK WILES of TruNews. The hyperlinks below take you to the articles we posted on this Christian con man. This narrative, as do all statements in this post, comes from our personal experience with the televangelist and his TruNews staff. These are our opinions:

Rick Wiles Censors Truth and Aids Genocide Operation

From Rick Wiles: ‘we exclusively and irrevocably own your intellectual property, and by the way, we may also dump it’

Several of you asked – who is the attorney that ‘Wiley the Coyote’ put in charge of silencing TRUTH? His name is TRAVIS DeCOSTA and below is what our miners found out about him.

Travis (or is he just a travesty?) has dumped two clients in the last few months (see below)!

As much as we hate this, something is “rotten in Denmark” re. Travis in our view. His litigation record in Rhode Island is questionable (see attached). He does not stick with his clients – that points to low ethics. Attorneys Rules of Professional Conduct say they are not supposed to dump their clients midstream. That is not a good sign. Now, he is trying to push a badly drafted agreement in Michael McKibben’s face?

Also, just as we suspected. Travis has ZERO experience in intellectual property law. That explains why his draft was so inadequate.

Also, he was in a big case as a co-defendant with Fannie Mae, JP Morgan and Fidelity—co-conspirators in the current “Great Reset”. Was he recruited to control ‘flowing streams’? His demeanor with us via email and phone call has been unacceptable for a guy who is trying to get a fair deal accomplished.

About Travis and he has no license to practice in Florida, yet is attempting to assert Florida jurisdiction on our agreement!

“Attorney DeCosta graduated from Quinnipiac University for his undergraduate studies and earned his Juris Doctor from Roger Williams University School of Law.

Attorney DeCosta takes pride in gaining meaningful relationships with each of his clients and views each client as a top priority. Attorney DeCosta’s practice concentrates in Personal Injury, Landlord-Tenant, Corporate Governance and other Civil matters.

Licensed to Practice in all Rhode Island and Massachusetts courts.”

See his docket (attached). He dumped at least three (3) of his clients mid case, two (2) in the last few months. Not a good litigation track record of client loyalty. Clients are damaged when their attorneys leave them mid case, after getting them educated on the matter.

He’s still listed on two cases… and yet he is working for you, what is that?

  • Freeman v. JP Morgan Chase Bank and Co. et al
  • GRE Property Investments, LLC v. Isanthes, LLC

He’s still on this case.

  • Wilkinson v. Kenyon Industries, Inc. et al

He’s still on this case.

United States of America v. Real Property Located at 23 Bradford Road, Westerly, RI

1:19-cv-00183-WES-LDA Tente et al v. Rexel USA, Inc. et al

In case you would like to reach ‘Travesty’, the ambulance chaser, to handle your next motorcycle or car accident, here’s his details. Or just check in with ‘Wiley the Coyote’ at TRUNEWS at