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  1. yes yes,,,it is to my understanding that the Vax disconnect you from your soul,,,and also that the cells merge with those little
    bots,,and the bots take over the body becomes artificial in quote it is not reversible,,the 5G towers have a chip specific for
    cov.19,,what happens then,,,only God knows,,,

  2. Salute you Gabriels


    Jesus said, “I AM the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

    Jesus was the Son of Man. His existence upon Earth was to take the sins of man and restore faith in humanity.

    He was the Son of God, yes, but he came to serve mankind. His existence upon Earth was about instilling humanity with a human imprint that would determine humanity’s fate in the “future”.

    It was a small imprint upon genetic code, and this imprint made it so that people would be able to sense truth through illusion.

    This code would activate with the Seven Solstice Rings. These Seven Solstice Rings are grand cosmic events that lay the blueprint for awakening.

    We will not go into detail about the Seven Solstice Rings, but know that the seventh solstice ring occurred in early summer 2020

    (I am guessing this is the summer solstice annular solar eclipse that occurred in June 2020, but I am not too sure what this piece of information means. I was told that the “souvenir” of 2020 was the Corona virus, but the “activation” of 2020 was with the Summer Solstice specifically.)

    When an Eclipse takes place, the sun, moon and Earth come into alignment, and the Son of Man within illuminates.

    We are not saying that Jesus was not an actual person/figure, but we are saying that he stood for something that transcends time, including his physical existence upon Earth.

    It wasn’t necessarily his teachings, but his imprint upon humanity that created his everlasting aura. His imprint is an electrically-charged energy of Creation.

    He imprinted the ability for all to become Sons and Daughters of Humanity and find inner connection to God within. His imprint is much like water is to oil.

    It reaches deeper than the surface and makes up much of the human body.

    It is life-giving, free for all, and it is already within you. Some people understand the power within them, and some people choose to give their power away.

    The Inner Child is your connection to your inner Source Within. It is your connection to Life and the frequency of Christ Consciousness, Son of Man, who is not

    a savior during these times, but is an imprint within each and every one of you to find the Kingdom and Freedom of Source within.

    In finding this frequency within self, you are finding the path to God/Source. The path is not paved golden, but is a journey of fortitude, resilience strength.

    It is a journey of finding peace within the struggle, healing in the trauma, and forgiveness when wrung out by others.

    You all know this journey, and it is not unlike the journey of your brother, Jesus.

    Jesus cried out, “God, why have you forsaken me?” In that moment, it showed Jesus’ humanity. It showed his vulnerability and Inner Child.

    But when he says “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do”, it shows his deep connection despite all else.

    Jesus essentially is the way and the truth. No one shall get to the glory of God without going through him.

    Jesus died on the cross so that you could bear witness to your own suffering.

    In the essence of him dying for your sin, is the knowledge that all the burden and suffering you bear is witness to a greater God/Source that releases bondage and instills greater good and freedom.

    Within you is the ability to abolish suffering through your witness of it and through compassion, kindness, forgiveness, unconditional love for it.

    Jesus is the way because you must find the way within you. It is not about praying to Jesus or believing in a specific teaching, but about finding the strength of Jesus within you to overcome any obstacle, suffering and hard place.

    This is because, in your ability to abolish (make peace with) inner suffering, you have the ability to find the essence of purity and enlightenment within you which resonates at Christ Consciousness frequency, found entrapped within the layers of your Inner Child.

    When you open that door, you will better understand your connection with Source.

    Jesus is the way, you see. But not Jesus (the figure), but the Jesus imprint within you, as part of humanity seeded with a genetic code imprinted as a way for you to know yourself as a reflection of God/Source.

    It is Christ Consciousness risen through you, suppressed in the Inner Child now set free when you recognize freedom through bondage and healing through suffering.

    It is the risen energy of “your Father, who art in Heaven”, who “hallowed” you as the Creation of “Him”. You are worthy because You Are, and nothing more.

    You Are, just as I AM, and your I AM is the key to opening and unlocking the (“Jesus Code”) Christ Consciousness Risen within you.

    Find your alignment to the Inner Child. Release suffering through your awareness that Jesus died for your sins, and use the tools that Jesus instilled within you to heal through forgiveness, grace, compassion, unconditional love.

    Then, you will come face to face with a form of your Inner Child, unlike you’ve ever seen before.

    Your Inner Child core in its pure essence is your reflection of Jesus as seen in the Self, and it will open the golden doorway to the Source Within (God within).

    Know . this experience will instill within you new life, new truth . a new way of experiencing your reality as Christ Consciousness Risen.

    Remember . to Remember . We are immortal spiritual beings . soul-light sparklets . dreaming within the Ocean of Love-Light . of Beloved God .

    as prodigal souls . We are having a transitory human experience . in Beloveds human kindergarten . for soul evolve-ment . we arrive here via Shabd

    We cannot be a positive en-souled human BE-ing . if We are doing harm to others . rather discover our true self . as Soul . Meditate on the path of .

    Awareness . Awakening . Understanding . Compassion . Forgiveness . Kindness . Unconditional Love.

    Whilst in the physical 3D realm of Free Will > Earth -Terra – Pind . We Souls have our human experience . within our biological computer body .

    the Trinity . comprises . SOUL > MIND > BODY . our TEMPLE . which must be properly maintained.

    by Jahre Beloveds ambassador > his flute . from the Spiritual Realm . the Kingdom described by Christ Jesus http://www.spiritus.com.au

  3. So if computers and smart phones are bad for us, how are we to be able to listen you both?

    1. Horseman, everything on earth can be used for good or evil, what we do with our tools is our decision and responsibility. If we are not asleep we can use technology for the good by listening to and reading people like the Gabriels or whoever we find nourishing; if on the other hand we are in thrall to technology we can waste our whole life “amusing ourselves to death” or letting ourselves be filled with fear, doubt and hatred as Douglas says. The conscious choice is ours.

  4. Tyla & Douglas… Peace and Blessings On Your Sacred Journey!

    1 – Why so much negativity, preachiness & judgment + name-calling like Libtards…? makes it difficult to Share Your message.

    2 – Hypoxia is simple – treat as for Cyanide Poisoning… every ER has a Kit (relief in minutes / cost $200)

    We encourage people to stay in the safety of their hOMe. Why travel where a Test is involved? Go Within… hOMe Sweet hOMe!

    For those already in Costa Rica: ¡Bienvenidos: Bendiciones en su Sagrado Viaje! Viktoras Kulvinskas ABOUT | Viktoras Consult (viktorasconsultations.com)

    P.S. I’ve always felt You have to be a little bit “crazy” to stay sane… especially when excusing Yourself from the Matrix! Survivors will be the Ones who fOllOw Mother Nature’s Ways. Disfruta la Pura Vida, Mae! The New Moon in Aries is beckoning Wise Wom(b)en Warriors everywhere… Wise Men Will explOre their Inner Feminine and feel empOwered! That empOwerment You feel is clearly reflected in the stars. You are a microcosm of the macrocosm! An exciting month lies ahead… Pam Gregory is spot on: New Moon in Aries 11 12th April 2021 – YouTube

    Love in Service, Robert ~.~* Blessings2U&URs! The Latin word doctor means teacher. The word physician derives from *physis* meaning nature. The true doctor, the real doctor, teaches how to return to Mother Nature’s Ways.

  5. The Earth Is Flat and if not flat not as it is currently described! This place was created just for us and you cannot leave on till your time is up, at least this is how I feel. God bless you all in these troubling times!

      1. Thankyou!!!! 🙂 Exactly!!!Freaking flatearth stupidity poppingup all over.Irrelevant.Whomever/whatever wrote that entry should do some soul searching,if they have one.Go back to Dulce,Montauk,Ft. Collins.

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