9 thoughts on “The Conclave Meets ‘You Are Free TV’”

  1. After viewing the comments I was surprised at how many lacked the know how or the drive to follow you to your websites. This tells me that the huge percentage of people aren’t warriors or at best weekend warriors. This is also known by the enemy.
    Yesterday I looked up your websites ranking on Alexa, a site that compiles data on the ranking of websites, they gave you a rank of 0 almost like you don’t exist and haven’t any content or viewers. Interesting. Yet to think deeper with the knowledge we have, we must assume that we are monitored, allowed to exist, that these psychopaths must be monitoring our activities. They have the keys to the Internet so shutting sites down wouldn’t be a problem. Why haven’t they? The same goes for Gab, Bitchute, and all the other alternatives. These psychopaths must be allowing us to exist for a purpose. Is it to keep an eye on our discourse, to know what we know, watch our movements, to watch the ringleaders?

  2. The show was great. It reiterated everything I learned from you in the past. I tried to go to your blog spot from “Free” link and I was given strong warnings and it wouldn’t let me access the site.
    Keep up the good fight!

  3. What a great overview of how we got to this point. I’m emailing to everyone I can. Just one question…. what’s the deal with the black hats? What are you signaling?

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