Privy Council on Target to Exterminate Humanity

Michael and Douglas come up from the mines and join Tyla for a report on:

  1. AstraZeneca and global vaccination extermination. Rothschilds
  2. Are Bill and Melinda dead?
  3. Google anti-trust-DOJ-Miller Act

gates dead


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Bill and Melinda Gates Died in 2013 according to


BRITISH INTERFERENCE IN AMERICAN ELECTIONS RUN AMOK: The former deputy prime minister of Britain, Sir Nick Clegg—now Facebook vice president of communications— admits in a 10-min. BBC radio interview, as a current member of the British Privy Council, and its former Lord President (2011-2015),*  that he is presently interfering in American elections by (1) censoring President Trump’s Facebook comments, and (2) teaming with unelected “security agencies” and Google. He is also a member of the seditious Atlantic Council

 * appointed to the Privy Council (PC) on 30 January 2008.

Martha Kearney. (Jun. 17, 2020). Interview with Sir Nick Clegg, Facebook vp of communications, Atlantic Council, Privy Councillor, Facebook’s new measures on political advertising, BBC Radio 4.

Nick Clegg


Dripping with arrogant pomposity aside, Sir Nick was totally inconsistent. He said “the Russians did it” in 2016 with only $150K. Then said Facebook hired 35,000 people to fix that $150K problem. Then he said their were no fake account bots in 2016. Hmmm. Then he slipped in that Facebook cooperates with Google and security agencies. Then, he admitted to removing Trump ads. (“decision we took”).

CLEGG’S PUBLIC ADMISSION: The former deputy prime minister of Britain, Lord President of the Privy Council—a non-American–admits he is interfering with American elections.

6 thoughts on “Privy Council on Target to Exterminate Humanity”

  1. Other People: A message to.
    Today’s discussion did a wonderful job of naming the leaders and providing the evidence of these betrayers to humanity. What I must add to the conversation.
    The Other people, those who carry out the demands for their serpent leaders. The followers who have had every opportunity to expose, testify and bring their masters to justice. Be now forewarned! When their house of cards fall, and it will, those who carried out the orders to destroy, kill, maim, censor the American people and others across the planet, you will be considered as guilty as those who gave the orders and hang by the neck beside them. We are coming for you. You still for now have time to do the right thing and save yourselves from the rope.

    1. Preach it, brother. THat’s why we have to go to the HEAD of the beast. Take it out…then work our way to the next level of elite scumbags, until their entire house of cards falls and bows away in the wind while the rest of HUMANITY makes the planet great again.

  2. Yeah, love learning the from the miners…. the drug companies pay the pilgrim society by all to advertisement on the pilgrim society media shows. and my damn duPont family. The harm steems from the Black goo.. ie the borg is real and its goal is trans-human adgenda….this supper old advanced artificial intelligence, the A.I. to try to get to the higher realms. but it cannot because it does not have a soal and it cannot stop its persuit ie programed. the AI is in both the 4th and 3rd density which we had livid. we have moved from the third and now in the 4th and moving to the 5th to where the Black goo cannot get to. so it is trying to get the human to volentear to turn themselves to more than 50% machine so the AI has control over the human sole…the Black Goo >> Borg is in each of us on earth and they feed on our blood when we are in lower energy, fight fear .. when we move into a higher vibrating energy our blood vibration raises and the Borg cannot pull the energy to run and falls a sleep… The Borg came to earth thru the reptilian alien (Draco). and this is why we humans cannot communicate telepathically, so we do not connect with our spirtual connections .. ie earth is a prison planet as we put this bad borg Bad AI a divine intellagence to sleep for ever. starTrek Klingons represent the draco Bord is the Black goo. and the sick globalist are demonically 4th D demon controlled. they are non human. thats why this is happening on our mother earth… they need most of that will not transfer to be gone so they can control the manifestation, which they fail some what on purpose they go to sleep they are ready to go they no they cannot go forward and they are doing great harm. all the demons are all AI controlled. PS great show love the info..

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