Kamala Harris Not Eligible to Hold Executive Office

Shining a light on Kamala Harris’ citizenship and presidential eligibility status

Upload this cartoon to your own YT channel or embed on your blog. We are creating a series of cartoons like this to help educate folks about leading issues in the election. Americans need to know that the Democrats are running an illegal alien as VP – that’s how emboldened the globalshits have become in running the United States.

Raw audio file. https://videos.files.wordpress.com/La0FkyYA/illegal-alien-kamala-harris_hd.mp4


2 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Not Eligible to Hold Executive Office”

  1. My son was born on an American military base in Germany to 2 full bloodied American citizens. We were stationed there in the US Army. About ten years later, we were told he had to be naturalized to be an American citizen? Did not make sense to me, but took him to the state capital in the state we were living and he became a naturalized citizen!!! He now has a US and German birth certificates at age 48.

    1. When I was a young teenager, being in the same situation – 2 American parents/ born on a military base in Europe – I had to officially state my citizenship. I chose all U.S.A. Did not elect German citizenship. Kamala, as a child of a father from Jamaica, would have had to do this at the very least.

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