The Queen Has No Clothes

Betsy and Thomas explain how deep the origins of the coup and coronavirus go.

Queen exposed


Raw audio file:



heart research


Raw audio file:


The videos below are referenced in the audio about Douglas’ heart research. These were posted several years ago, but the information is still relevant and valuable.

The Heart is Not a Pump


Discovering the Heart with Ralph Marinelli


Mysteries of the Heart





3 thoughts on “The Queen Has No Clothes”

  1. here is another part of the story around standoff and the theft of Idaho inventor patents.. could not leave a reply on other site google wants me to sign up with them… but wanted to add this for your research

    the book the video is about is called the boy genius and the mogul the mogul in this book is DAVID SARNOFF of RCA

    this video is called The Untold Story of the Inventor of Television: A Forgotten Genius (2002)

    Philo Taylor Farnsworth (August 19, 1906 – March 11, 1971) was an American inventor and television pioneer.

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  2. How the heart knows, Eye want to know why the heart knows. This also makes me question where the thread connects as most show the crown. I thank you for the teaser on the heart as well as your insights on our material worldly status. If you remember Eye did predict another false flag attack by these despots, and eye don’t think they are done yet. Like I said they’ve nothing left to lose, they’ve already sold their souls to the dark side.


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