All the Queen’s Men

Betsy and Thomas discuss a wide range of topics from Lisa Page’s new job to Trump as the Highlander. All along the way, they show you how the British are still at war against freedom for the people.

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winning the information war

Great news, Team Patriots. We are winning the Great Information War against the British Imperial Empire. Remember, they know what we are collectively “thinking” out here using a variety of tools from trending words to remote viewing. We have been asking our keyboard warriors to discuss Christopher Steele’s connection to Richard Dearlove and the origin of the coup and the coronavirus.

They see us coming by the words we use in the internet. To deflect us, they need to start some information interference (propaganda) by putting out their version of the story. Richard Dearlove must hold the line from information warriors storming the Privy Council, Pirbright, and the British Imperial Empire all over social media. This is why yesterday we were not surprised to find this headline featured on their propaganda aggregator site, Drudge.

drudge page

Wanted Richard DearloveWe went to the article. They keep you from looking at Pirbright where the virus was patented because the Queen owns the controlling shares of Pirbright. It puts the Queen of England front, center, and square at the epicenter of the coronavirus false flag which cost the world TRILLIONS of dollars and then leads straight to the overthrow attempt of President Trump.

Dearlove is running for his life. Do what you can to make sure his name and his relationship to Christopher Steele is well known with your audience. Your job, every day, as a patriot for your country is to rattle your information sabers and do your part to destroy the EVIL EMPIRE, the British Imperial Empire.

Former MI6 head claims COVID-19 was made in a Chinese lab

Sir Richard Dearlove said there was good evidence that the virus was engineered, but that it’s escape from the laboratory was accidental.

queen coronavirus

pirbright patent

overthrow queen coronavirus qinetiq

Dearlove and Flynn. Inquiring minds are going crazy with questions…..

dearlove flynn

And that’s not everyone who is giving Richard Dearlove propaganda cover. Favorite actor on the internet – Alex Jones who keeps you in a very tight, limited hangout where you spin all day in never-ending rhetoric, going nowhere – is also giving cover to Dearlove by reposting this article below, as is, as though it were the actual truth of the matter.

Former MI6 Head: Coronavirus Is Man-Made, Released From A Lab

Then share this information with your network of truth seekers: Sir Richard Dearlove is Toast. American Patriots Call Him, the Queen, and the Privy Council Out for the Overthrow Attempt of Donald Trump


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Share the tweet

Be the first in your network to redpill folks about Richard Dearlove. He is an enemy of the British people who need our assistance in calling him out to the rest of the world. British patriots cannot do this as their Twitter wings have been clipped.

dearlove enemy
Listen here


flynn dearlove tweet
Send the link to General Flynn


nigel farage
Nigel running interference for Dearlove and Pirbright. Share the tweet.


Watch this, folks. You see what this is ….. social credit scoring! Dragonfly under the name “Contract Tracing”.  Alert your audiences. (Patriots, make sure to download a copy of this video. Raw video file:


trump highlander

Here we go again: Scots vs Brits and the Sangreal Line to Jesus-Mary


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