Let’s get WILD with Lettuce

Over the last month, I have been posting videos and information on how wild leaf lettuce can be prepared to make a natural pain relief and sleep aid “medication” for your family use. Readers asked that I put the material one one page so everything can be viewed and shared from one hyperlink.

First, check out these selected articles on why you might consider having wild lettuce leaf in your natural medicine cabinet, especially with the disaster Big Pharma has become. At least you will know exactly what is in your medicine.

Wild Lettuce: Does It Provide Natural Pain Relief?

What Is Wild Lettuce?

How To Identify and Process Wild Lettuce For Natural Pain Relief


It is easy to make, once you have identified the plant. Here’s a video that shows you How to Identify Wild Lettuce


Need another video that helps you identify wild lettuce in the forest? Wild Lettuce (Lactuca virosa) – How to harvest then extract the opiate from the sap


Pro-tip: If you are not confident that you can identify wild lettuce, there is an app that can assist you. It is called PictureThis. Scan the plant you want to identify and the app tells you what plant it is – from flowers, trees, to all things botanical. Super cool app, but it does cost $30 a year.


Making Wild Lettuce Pain Relief Medicine Powder

In this video, the herbalist chooses to blend the lettuce in a blender. I have found that this doesn’t work too well when you are using the thick stalks of the plant which you definitely want to include in your brew because the stems contain lots of lactucarium. Instead, I just chop everything up and place in one or more pots for brewing on the stove top or slow cooker.

Other than that, this video demonstrate the process I like to use when making the powder version of the herb concoction. I then put the powder into empty gel caps for easy use. The final mix doesn’t have a nice flavor for teas, in my opinion.


CAUTION: Brewing wild lettuce can make you a bit high as the vapors seep into the room and you breathe them in. It makes the process even more enjoyable! Pro-tip: brew some (no lid) on the stove next time you have company and let everyone relax and chill a bit as they breath the soothing vapors in the air.


Using Wild lettuce



If you want to spice up your brew, add a poppy pod or two to your brew. Empty the pod of the poppy seeds (save seeds to plant in your garden), then crush the pod and place in your brew. (See notes below for more info on where to get pods.)

Wild lettuce tends to grow in drainage ditches or areas where the ground stays moist. It is fun to forage your own herbs and plants – it’s called wildcrafting. But if you can’t find a patch in your neighborhood, you can order the dried product from Mountain Rose herbs https://mountainroseherbs.com/wild-lettuce. I have been ordering my dried herbs, of many varieties, for several years from Mountain Rose.


I am currently using the Kratky method of growing my salad gardens (inside and outside) and grow more lettuce than the family uses for meals. I let the lettuce that is no longer tender and sweet grow “wild” and let it go to seed. Your “tame” (or garden) lettuce will grow several feet, like wild lettuce does, and its stalk will contain lactucarium. I add the “tame” lettuce to my “wild” lettuce brew and get good results, plus none of my lettuce goes to waste.


Wild lettuce and garden lettuce no difference


You you prefer tinctures over powders, here is a simple recipe:

How to make wild lettuce tincture – Wild Lettuce


A Note on Poppy Pods:

Big Pharma loves poppies and grows it around the world, from Tasmania to Afghanistan. The CIA, working hand-in-hand with Big Pharma, protects poppy fields because their lucrative opioid industry is derived from the poppy pod.

Of course, it is illegal for citizens to create medicine from poppies, but for Big Pharma and the CIA, it has always been a cash crop. People around the world are prescribed opioids by “trusted doctors” and the drugs are distributed by pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens. It really is no different than a drug dealer and the dark ally – same product pushed by the drug dealer, but in a sterile and clean supply chain. 

The propaganda story that is told all the time is that the opium trade is for illicit heroine trade, and that might be to a certain degree. But make no mistake about it, poppies are grown and protected for Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and other pharmaceutical companies. 

10 Medications that Are Opium Derivatives

The video below is an age-restricted video, so the link will take you directly to YouTube for viewing:

VIDEO – Poppy Medicine | A Deeper look at Opium Poppies

Poppies as a painkiller

When Big Pharma collapses and pain meds are hard to find….or when the AMA snake oil doctors decide you or your loved ones can’t have their opioid pain meds because you are not va666ed, you will be glad that you took our advice and had this book on your bio ark. 

Maybe you aren’t ready to make poppy tea or Laudanum just yet, but at least you will know how. We recommend that you order a PRINT COPY of Opium for the Masses: Harvesting Nature’s Best Pain Medication and keep on your bookshelf.

To order poppy pods (for decorative purposes only – wink):



California poppies make a nice tea for insomnia and anxiety. They do not contain opium and are easy to grow just about anywhere. In the winter, I keep a small pot (grown in soil) in my indoor salad garden. In the spring, the seeds can be thrown in your outdoor flower and vegetable beds. Tips for Growing California Poppy Seeds

Poppy Tea, A Natural Remedy for Insomnia and Anxiety!


The Medicinal Benefits of California Poppy!


We have other great health suggestions inside our ASCEND diet. It’s free and available as long as the internet stays up. You will learn how to make colloidal silver water, prepare for a liver flush, and get the globalist agenda out of your gut.