The British Pilgrims Have Taken Over America

Mike and Doug are back after several month absence. They are on fire with the new research that shows that the British Monarch has taken over America in a breathtaking coup. Yes, or course you can share this audio on your own video platform. We left a raw audio file below for your convenience.

Raw audio file:


To learn more about Charles and the Prince’s Trust and Nigel Knowles, see this blockbuster report:

Everything is Rigged


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4 thoughts on “The British Pilgrims Have Taken Over America”

  1. Wow, what a blast from the past, well so it seems, so great to hear from Doug and Mike again. Thank you. We have missed you and appreciate this. Blessings.

  2. Thanks for confirming my belief that Klaus Schwab is a LUNATIC. He’s “Central Casting,” as President Trump would say. When Schwab talks about the 4th “Industrial Revolution, I hear “the Fourth Reich,” which is what he wants it to be. Funny that, in the absurdity of it all, we have a Hitler wannabe, with a frustrated doddering Prince tagging along at his side. Mike Myers got it right in his Austin Powers series. Does Karl have a hairless cat? The world needs some satire to bring this dude down to size. I can imagine a scene where Schwab is giving one of his lectures, and he is rubbing something down in his lap, which turns out to be a little hairless dacshund, named Charles.
    Rock on, AIM!

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