GameStop is a Game Changer

Earlier today we posted the headline below:

Is this the pin that popped the stock market bubble?

Well, well the story is unfolding to be quite the internet war between Main Street and Wall Street. We selected these two videos and a few headlines together to show you what’s going on.

The GameStop Infinite Money Glitch Explained

Most Shorted Names Soar After WallStreetBets Reopens


GameStop & AMC Stock Battle: Wall Street Hedge Fund Vs. The Little Guy.. What’s Happening?

Why Is Dying Mall Operator Dillard’s Up 100%? Blame Reddit.


2 Analysts Downgrade Bed Bath & Beyond, Stock Still Pops 30%


Stock Alert: AMC Entertainment Surges To New 52-week High



AMC Stock Surges 301%; Broader Market Slumps


AMC Stock Gets Caught in Short Squeeze. Shares Are Up 180%.


Right on queue…..It’s Trump’s fault.



They are saying ‘wallstreetbets’ hijacking GameStop stock is bad, while saying nothing about Pelosi buying Tesla calls just before Biden releases Executive Order about electric vehicles for all federal vehicles.


Looking like a Black Swan to us.

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