GameStop Fiasco – Wallstreet vs. REDDIT

HodgeTwins on fire today about the rigged system. GameStop Fiasco – Wallstreet Vs. REDDIT They ask an important question: Who would invest in a company hoping and financially benefiting from its failure? We provided an answer below.


What type of person and hedge fund would rape and pillage a company and leave its employees on the streets? Sounds like Mitt Romney and Bain Capital!

“You hear all these stories about his partners buying companies … where they load up with a tremendous amount of debt. The companies go under, everybody loses their job, the community is devastated, but they make money,” Biden said at a May 2012 campaign event in Ohio, referring to Romney and Bain.

“They make money even when a company goes bankrupt, when workers lose their jobs,” he added. Source

Read more under this Breitbart headline from last year

Romney’s Bain Capital Profited Billions by Bankrupting American Workers

“Sen. Mitt Romney’s (R-UT) investment firm Bain Capital profited billions between 1992 and 1997 by collecting huge dividends for investors that eventually resulted in layoffs for thousands of American workers.

In 1984, Romney helped co-found Bain Capitol, which made a series of investments in small and medium-sized American companies, only to turn a profit for investors and leave American workers without a job.

Most prominent are five companies that Romney’s Bain Capital invested in, reaping a profit for himself and investors, and then left to bankruptcy, layoffs, and closure. AOL Finance reported in 2012 on the financial devastation that Romney’s Bain Capital put American workers through.

In 1992, Romney’s Bain Capital invested $5 million in American Pad & Paper and walked away with $100 million in dividends. Nearly 400 American workers in Marion, Indiana, were laid off in the process, and in 2000, the small company filed for bankruptcy.

Same Mitt Romney that rigs elections using OPTECH (Dominion, Smartmatic, ES&S, etc.)


Same bunch of globalshits…same rigging system, whether it is with votes, stock, or currencies. Humanity will never be free until we make all of these folks penniless…They will own nothing, but don’t worry they will be happy!

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  1. We live in Utah where Romney is a carpetbagger hand picked by Hatch. We held our noses and voted for him after he won the state primary.. Most Utahans are not happy with him but we don’t seem to be able to get through to his offices to complain. Corporate raider not venture capitalist.

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