Over the target and the trolls go crazy

Our email box is being slammed by trolls who are trying to dissuade us in reporting truths about Candace Owens and James O’Keefe.

Here’s what we have said:

Candace is a British Pilgrim (Crown) operative. She is married to George Farmer whose father is Michael Farmer.

George Is The Son Of Lord Farmer

“George grew up in Britain, and is the son of Lord Michael Farmer, 74, who is a member of the House of Lords – an elite government body which dictates laws in the country.

The family weren’t always doing so well, however, and have overcome significant adversity to reach this lofty position in society. George has said his father had a very tough upbringing, growing up in a ‘slum.’ Despite this, Michael managed to overcome these difficulties and went on to forge a highly successful career in the metal markets. He was so successful that he became known around London as ‘Mister Copper.’

George told Tatler: “It was the Thatcherite reforms of the Eighties that allowed my father to turn his talent into success, which is what I want for everyone else, regardless of colour or creed.”

Her husband’s hereditary title makes them The Honorable George and Candace Farmer.”


Then we outed James O’Keefe and Project Veritas – ONCE AGAIN! This isn’t our first call-out of this internet shill. We had several audios on him back in the day, but O’Keefe’s social media friendly YOUTUBE deleted them because Big Brother doesn’t want you to know the truth about Project: Propaganda.

As I am typing up this blog, the troll drops another comment, this time about the PILGRIMS. He wants to make fun of me so that I will stop talking about them. However, AIMCats know that they are an evil, viscous group of the world’s top elite that want to exterminate humanity. Just listen to Mike and Doug in the Brighteon video link HERE (or below) to learn new things about the Pilgrims.

VIDEO: Pilgrims Society Patent Pool Predators

AIMCat Robert V. added this note (1-19-22):

Name: Robert V.
Comment: Dear AIM team,
If you get a troll attack , that’s a sign of high interest of PILGRIMS SOCIETY in your team and what is your context and how you educate the HUMANS whom are still interested in TRUTH. Alex Jones – Info Wars , Cadence Owen – The Democrat Trump lover, James O’Keefe are created idols of the IMPERIAL PRESS UNION and carefully build sweetheart of anti Democratic Party.

That you aren’t in spotlight with your agenda is the proof that you are on right track and what ever you publish is the simple truth. Your research and hard evidence made many of us HUMAN. A human who can see and think, find the path to our MIGHTY LORD who is easy any time to visit us and restore his kingdoms and destroy all those devils whom are harvesting humans for they pleasure. When 5-6 years ago I was questioning Alex Jones on his own channel on the subject of British connection, I get trolled as well and very shortly marked as a troll and cut out of his channel. And the same thing happened on many other channels.

Do what you have to do and you know very well that they are WATCHING YOU VERY VERY CLOSELY. Stay strong and stay focused on OUR LORD. Our Lord will do what he have to do, and we will do what we must do.