Is Mike Pompeo a Foreign Agent?

Inquiring AIM Cats want to know why Secretary Pompeo would have even considered participating in the Atlantic Council event that he cancelled due to travel. This former CIA-man is also SES so be forewarned. Here’s the cancelled event.

Just who does Pompeo work for? The Queen, the Pilgrims, the CIA, and/or the SES?

Pompeo’s Senate disclosure [Senate version click here] includes obviously intentional low-quality scans prevent indexing and numerous pages skewed 90 degrees.

We have attempted to make it more readable and searchable [Senate version, de-skewed and enhanced for indexing], but one thing we do observe: Pompeo makes no mention of his membership or associations to the British Pilgrims Society, which he certainly could not have avoided given the deep involvement (the so-called “Five Eyes special relationship”) of British MI6, MI5 and GCHQ with the C.I.A., FBI and NSA intelligence in the Trump-Russia hoax.

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  1. I do not understand the reason for Pompeo participating in the Republican convention last night. Did not think that his speech was memorable and it did not seem to add much. What I did notice is that it appeared to me that he was being taped and one of those magic background screens was put behind him that looked like a night shot of Israel. It was a “dead background” and nothing ever moved. All this business of giving this speech from Israel is very suspect at best. I can not even imagine the reason for this performance.

  2. After reading through some this document I come to the conclusion that the relationships not just with the Pilgrim Society but many relationships have been and remain classified top secret. Under sources and methods, we are dealing with public knowledge in these hearings. All of these people in high places make deals with each other, one could call them favors or even contracts. Therefore to even mention an affiliation with these groups would lead to questions about some clandestine top secret operation. Each and every question was supplanted with phrasing so as not to divulge anything that could potentially expose these top secret dealings and relationships. These people are all shrewd and most have years of experience in how to hide information. They’ve had a hundred of years to refine their secrecy.

    1. They know about the Pilgrims Society….Just ask Mike Pompeo how forthcoming he has been in disclosing his relationship with them as he undermines the president in sneaky and clandestine ways. We need to get an official membership list of the Pilgrims and then execute all of them. Going to be a lot of names, big names…but they are in an organization that has been using the United States for their own evil purposes. They must be imprisoned and/or executed. It’s either that…or they will have all of humanity exterminated.

      1. Time is running out for Q….looking forwrd to the next false flag when Q (US Military Coup participants) reviels their hand to ensure Trumps election. BIG revelations and arrests imminant??/ i.e QE2 Rothchilds and frinds?

      2. So I have heard before on many other platforms I follow.Critical Thinking and discerment in this regard is the optimum path to follow. Interestingly, when asked last week in a press conference DIRECTLY for the FIRST time by a MSM reporter about Q, Trump gave a very ambigulouse reply, neither denying or confirming Q’s existance. He is obviously aware and using it one way or another. The question is which way!!!. My opinion about it has been somewhat altered in recent weeks, from beliving 100% that it WAS a psyop, to 50/50 after readding this analysis of the “phenomina”.In this regard I consider myself to have actualy “grown Up”, to be open minded enough to wait and see the results and sucess of the world getting rid of the eveil that pervays every corner of humanity’s life, rather than being wedded to being a Q suporter or an AIM cat. Its not one or the oter. All information should be treated with a degree of sceptisism, rather than “Belief”, until the evidence can be catagorically provided supported by positive outcomes. So far NEITHER has achieved that. You might be interested in this analysis which came my way last week.

      3. You and your readers will love this articel from a Critical Thinking Brit……Afraid the Pilgrim Society havent achieved what they are after from us…..after all most Brits know this Covid 19 is a psyop False Flag byThe Shadow World Government. Trump might know or might not…and it is looking increasingly likely he is part of it….prove me wrong???

      4. In this regard how would you say that might be? Which parts of the article do you find unreliable please?

      5. Don’t have time to vet each article from them. We vetted them several years ago and found too much disinformation and propaganda, who knows if it is becasue they are poor researchers or if it is done on purpose. We typically vet a new (or old site) for a few months. If we see them lagging, we shove off and don’t go back to their spin zone ever again. This channel is for intelligence distribution, not entertainment.

      6. what do yo guys mae of this???

      7. Because it is a phenomenon that we need to look at since the opposition thinks Q is giving President Trump his intelligence. We want to know what the enemy is thinking. And the enemy (the Pilgrims Society and its operatives) are growing very concerned about Q. Again, Q is a psyop and we will not participate…but basically because its research and article links are lame.

      8. Well here ithe UK some are hoping that Trump will do the right thing and take down the Federal Reserve and issue a NEW US CURRENCY. We shall see in due course if Trump is on the side of humanity or the side ofthe evil Bankers and their friends. So far he has not convinced me he is batting for us

      9. Further evidence to support the Q phenomina (psyop) is portayed here.

        Looking forward to seeing Trump stop for good the evil of the peodaphillia world which drives world events, as Trump well knows., and is further supported by the arrests of Epstein & Maxwell that he has made.(more to follow no doubt in HC and Obahma and friends) This “Book” is well researched, with ACTUAL reference to hard evidance, and gives an eplaination as to WHY, the British and American Establishment are comprimised and controlled, through the Pilgrim Society and others. BTW the British peoples that AIM and their suporters erroneously suggest are in no way culpable in these “activites” nor supportive of ThePilgrim Society or more IMPORTNTLY the memebership profile of the organisation (Ashkenazi and their Talmud Satanistic Supporter) any more than the American Peoples are. Neither peoples have even heard of them or the Pilgrim Society! A recent Q drop showed, as I recall did AIM Cat, the Democratic Party’s 2020 logo ( The Satanist Star!) Coincedence??

      10. Then we shall just have to wait and see what Trump and his team comes up with over the coming weeks and months. As far as I am concerned EVERYTHING is on the table now, and given the fullness of time you and everyone else will know the truth by the ACHIEVED results. No preasure then on Trump or his followers!! Watching as I do from the UK, I follow no one other than myself. I will judge the results that our leaders bytheri achievements, rather then their empty promises and lies. They will ONLY then get the people’s support by that criteria from now on ….for what it is worth! But I did rather like the Q post last week about the Democates 2020 election logo, the one that you have also highlighted……is there a coincedecne??

  3. Pompeo was my Congressman. Controlled by Monsanto. No one ever ran against him other than DemonRats. I’m not shocked by anything uncovered about him !

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