Patriots are winning on many fronts

Betsy and Thomas review several topics in today’s audio:

1) Anarchists in Democrat run cities are being arrested

2) Kamala’s new look (see video below as well)

3) Parent education options in the fall

4) Why is Bill Barr doing NOTHING about arresting coup operatives??

kamala harris transformed


Raw audio file:



tt obama treason


kamala harris before after

Who switched Kamalas? Folks are wondering if this is a Kamala double, CGI…or is she a meth head who missed a few adrenochrome treatments?

Kamala Harris Face

Whatever is pictured in the video, it still hasn’t proven to us that it is eligible to hold the office of President of the United States. Actually, where is any proof that Kamala is a citizen of the United States? It isn’t on her birth certificate with two FOREIGN students who were her parents.

When did Harris become a citizen? There will have to be paperwork to prove this folks….unless (gasp) Kamala is an illegal alien!

kamala harris birth certificate


Read under the headline link:

Exposing Betsy DeVos’s Plan for Totalitarian Public Education

11 thoughts on “Patriots are winning on many fronts”

  1. What do you think about this? Please let us know what you find.
    Hillary will be president by edict of the UN. Check out the vimeo on Harry the Greek’s blog. un-high-commissioner-human-rights-mental-health-hillary-clinton-michelle-bachelet HEAVEN HELP US.

  2. BARR is protecting the vice president Pense!!! next in line for president!!! that rino petofela space force leader whom is selling children to the other aliens … 800,000 children go missing in america each year and we are worried about the virus…. Barr father was involvend in setting up the child selling in space years ago I think i heard could be off a bit but close. Barr and pensie are connected they are workign to get SOTUS in the POTUS seat;;; and DEMs trying to get nancy in the seat…

  3. Somewhat confused on the recommendations for home schooling.
    Why conform to the edicts and requirements of the state in aspect of fulfilling their agenda to regurgitate answers to questions of indoctrination points to be learned by the student, to acquire a GED that in all essence states you have been successfully programmed. We know most things taught are not factual, how does one teach a student truth and expect them to pass a State examination based upon falsities?

  4. Hi Aim4Truth Team.
    Thank you all for the wonderful work you do. I am always in the look out for your updates and information. I am so glad you are out there.
    I live in NYC and wanted to let you know that colleges are not requiring covid testing In order to attend school this fall. I am currently arguing with the administration of Hofstra university regarding this as my daughter will be attending this fall. I just wrote the president of Hofstra, as the dean was not helpful. Any advise that you could give to a concerned parent would be greatly appreciated. I mean when will this end. First masks, now testing. I am fed up with this fake control system. Thank you

    1. Thanks for the update, Gil. When will it end? If we don’t hold the line on the face masks, they will march out mandatory vaccinations, microchipping, digital currency, all the way to GENOCIDE. It won’t end well fo rhumanity. This is why we must resist the forced face muzzles.

  5. it is amazing how I can recognize everyone of the traitors in your cartoon, the facial features on each one are so specific, and the faces are so small! Your stuff gives me hope!


  6. This is a 15 minute video on the Las Vegas affair. I just received a reply on a comment I had made a year ago and went back and watched it. I can’t figure out if it is true or not. It is interesting none the less. I believe the video is hidden.

  7. they all have already been arrested and put to death so were seeing actors playing there doubles

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