British Infiltration in Joint Chiefs Leading to War with China


January 13, 2018The Joint Chiefs letter floated by the mockingbird propaganda media yesterday is bogus (unless they all signed with a single baby blue Sharpie, they hung around to sign it at least three times during the day, and forgot to date their letter or signatures) meant to confuse the rank and file military and civilian population.

Read the analysis and see the evidence. Share this critical information with your downline:

We are now very concerned that the British infiltration into U. S. Navy and Space Force has compromised our ability to protect the United States. The British are giving full platform to their YouTube propagandists Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes who are constantly beating war drums for a conflict between China and the U.S. which would be ever so convenient for the Lizard Queen to have both countries annihilate each other, while the British Imperial Empire and rogue factions inside the United States government and military sit back and collect their booty.

Simon Parkes is the Queen’s Psyop

A possible scenario: One of our U. S. Naval ships or Space Force jets, under the control of British SERCO/Quinetiq, could fire on America and the TRAITORS in the Joint Chief of Staff blame China, setting off a world war.

The British-American Pilgrims would get what they have been pushing all these years – DEPOPULATION and WORLD DOMINION.

These people are desperate. Please get this intel to the highest level of your network. The Queen has been playing China all along and their intelligence network is too stupid to know they are being used by the American-British Pilgrims Society as their patsy for coronavirus distribution and, now it seems, for a kinetic war between America and China, instigated by the foreign enemy of both nations – the British Imperial Empire.

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      1. Her empire? Do you believe this? I don’t know how to believe this. God help my unbelief.

    1. Obviously.

      “The Queen” – that is The Royal Family of UK – have been complete hostages to the Merchants of Venice, also known as the Black Nobility, since early 18th century.

      Before that they we’re on an off with the Tyrant Rulers of The Holy Roman Empire since their aquisition aka conquest of England and the ports of London (todays ‘City’) as of 1020 AD. With this ‘aquisition’ the Black (aka Criminal) Roman Nobility had re-gained the control of Brittish trade they held during their first reign of England – as The Roman Empire of the usurping Gaius-family – of Phoenician origin – from which the central families owing the Holy Roman Empire had all descended.

      As the Venetian-Porugues line of the HRE known as the Break-spears managed to break down the old, native and legitimate kings (‘spears’) of the Anglo-Saxons – between 1020 and 1066 – the Break-Spears have been able to control the Trades and thus the Finances of Trade in and out of Brittain.

      Thus they could FORCE their monopoly and its “mark” on ALL of Europes markets – known as the time of vasallery and ‘advanced enslavery’ – aka “mercantilization”. Later to be called ‘monetization’ and explained as ‘useful to enhance trade and prosperity’ by the information-monopoly of their Latin Church and Clerecy, who controlled ALL written communication throughout Europe between 1066 and 1550 – when the liberation movement called “Protestants” used the feverish conquest of the age-old treasure-troves of the American and FE Asian civilizations to loot and plunder these civilizations for hundreds of thousands of TONS of gold / bewteen 1492 and 1752.

      Most of it ended up in the Bay of Venice, from where it disapeared into secrecy an safety in the Swizz Alps. Gradually accumulating ALL available gold and silver in the world on one hand – headed by the Imperial Head of the 13 black noble/families ruling the first Global Tyranny known to history – dressed up as The Holy Roman Empire.

      Since the devastating wars between protestant/anglican Brittain and catholic France during the 17th century the Brittish Crown was bankrupted. Since then the Banksters – still owing and running The City – drove the Brittsh Royals and all their peoples as donkeys – to conquer the parts of the world still being run by native royals and bartering trade-organisations..Thus the Brittish Fleet came to ‘compete’ with the Bysantine/Venetian royals of Portugal, Spain, France and Belgium – using the same procedures of power-gaming – from overt wars to covert intrusions, infiltrations and deceptions.

      As the venetian house ruling Portugal managed to conquer essential trade-ports of India, Indo-China and China they got their Brittish relatives – headed by the Breakspears – to ENFORCE this imperial colonisation. As these efforts succeeded the Breakspears themselves would move to Malakka, Hong Kong, Macau and Nagasaki – from where they effectively could take down the old constitutions of Indo-China as well as China, finally completed by 1949 as the entire nobility of China was errased by their very proxies – known as “Communists”.

      The same process was launched by their Swizz cousines in order to undermine, decimate and errase the legal constitution of Russia – as of 1918.

      Thus we got the new proxies of the Black Nobility – neatly eveloped in the ‘protestant’ and anglican countries of Germany, England and the US after the raging lunacy of their jesuit adept Napoleon had broken down and bankrupted them all – once again.

      Since then they could re-write history once again – as “A Compilation of The Lies Agreed Upon” as Napoleon himself put it. From then on the Synagoge of Satan have been able to define the outline of History as written in both English and Latin, while ERRASING all books not fitting their narrative as “Holy”. As in “holier-than-thou”.

      Not knowing these basic facts it’s still dificult to know good from bad, crook from civil, legal from illegal – as the very same jesuits radicalized and relativised the basis of justice, to change laws and regulations according to THEIR needs and preferances – as times went by. Ending up with the present chaos and corruption – where old principles of Law and Justice can be changed overnight, by ” a vote”. Thus opening up for corrupted officials, manipulated votes and fraudulent elections to Rule The Day all acorss The Seven Seas.

      “The Greatest Trick Satan ever played upon the world was convincing it he doesn’t exist”, wrote Charles Boudelaire, some 150 years ago. Before that is duely understood and the HUB of his Black Nobility is IDENTIFIED properly – along with The Worlds By Far Largest Collection of Looted Gold and Silver – hidden in old Catholic Domains of the Alps – as well as some satelites of FE Asia – there will be no REAL liberty and freedom available on this planet.

      The Founding Fathers of the US did indeed KNOW that – because they had fought against this Enemy and succeeded. Until a combination of hooks and crooks, infiltrations, assainations and regincides were able to manuoulate the US Congress and Presidency to allow the jesuits back into the US – the same way the Crown of England and its Anglican Church had been forced to allow them back into England a few years before.

      Today the descendants of the phonician patricians of Rome and Venice are still safely controlling the IMMENSE loot from their old Colonial Empires – all together some 1,2 million TONS of gold. While the rest of the world – combined – have less than 200.000 metric tons registered, in public and semi-public records. Presuming this equation being basically correct one may not wonder anymore who the REAL OWNERS of the World Trade and the Worlds Banking Systems are – thus linking the Synagoge of Satan directly to the Axis-powers (fasces) out of Rome – controlled from Venice, Bern und Basel und Vaduz, where the present head of the Gaius-family still reigns as Souvereigns – in the middle of Europe and still outside ALL the ruels and regulations today forced, by the Black Nobility itself – on all the rest of Europe, as well as the rest of the world – through the IMF, the BIS and the WEF.

      As 95% of all nations in the world are drowning in DEPTH to the Global Banksters we still have to search for ANY intelect able to deduct and discuss – in public – to WHOM all these nations actually OWE all their money.

      In this millenial old Rule of The World – based in the blackest Middle Ages – the public aithorities of this world are merely PUPPETS. Such as the Royal House of England, who still have to pay their respects to The Mayor of The City every year – to keep their home and furniture. Meanwhile the real owners of The City have moved to Macau – from where they now have started The New Centre of Global Trade and Dominion, as their HSBC-branch – together with the very hub of The Axis-powers – the UBS with The Three Keys.

      One may observe that this part of World History have gone under the radars of most historians – especially the ones rised and educated by the proxies of the Jesuits Order – long known as The World Masters of Intrigues and Vendettas, a well as Deceit and Deception.

      In 1152 Nicholas Breakspear had organized the North-Atlantic Trade-zone, that reached from the Eastern Baltics to the Greenland Sea and the Norwegian Trade Colonies of East-Coast America. Thus producing the first Archbishpry of Scandinavia – in Trondheim. Two years later this new church-province became the most lucrative of all catholic archbishopries – due to its trade with North America. Some 350 years before the Venetian mappers could send Christobal Colon on recognisance to Labrador and St. Lawrence – anno 1477 – to measure the exact distance between Spain and mainland America. In order to “discover” and thus OWE a land re-defined as “NEW”.

      In a letter to his son he described the trip and the phenomenons of St Lawrence pretty well, telling that he “even saw chineese people in kayaks” among the norse colonies of Greenland, Krokland, Helluland, Markland and Vinland Goda – the latter called “Norembega” and “Cuba” as the Portuguese took them all over – after the eradication of the Norwegian kingdom during the Black Death of 1340-ties. When the Scandianvians regained their public health and were able to launch the Protestant movement the Portuguese hold of the North Atlantic went down – enabling the fleets of Scandianvia, Holland and England to take all of North America – north of Florida – back from the Venetian vipers. Thus the old Markland became New England while the norse Vinland Goda became Virginnia and Georgia.

      As the venetians utilizing “The Spanish Armada” failed to re-conquer Brittain the New Colonies of the Brits, Dutch, Danes and Swedes bacame a ‘hotspot’ for every European in need of escaping the monstrous tyranny of the Holy Roman Empire. Besides – as the bestial decimation and scrupless looting of the native amerindians went on the protestant sailors – able to build canon-ships – could launch direct attacks on the portuguese and spanish looters as they returned from Latin- and South-America – stuffed with gold, silver and emeralds Thus the “Pirates of The Caribean” would be considered heroes back home in North America, ireland or England.

      Anyone in need of more information should read “Westward Before Colombus” by Kare Prydz. Not to mention the various websites about the Black Nobility and their all-out global power – before the protestant made a break in their reign – until they succeeded to re-conquer Brittain and North America – utulizing their Enormous Wealth to bribe and corrupt, infiltrate and inflict, control and bankrupt most if not all non-catholic nations of the northern hemisphere.

      The US included – obviously. Which is why the Money-Masters of Zürich would paperclip their European Masters-of-War from The Third Reich to the Fourth Reich – by re-building the Imperial Army of the Axis-powers as a Global Dominance – by the formation of NATO and the Gladio/Gestapo/CIA – safely based in NY and DC, Houston and Seattle…

      Since then London have been little but a major stock exchange – as well as a hub for Secret Services with all kind of jesuit licences – to serve “The Greater Cause” of a Holy Empire to which the Royal Family of England is nothing but decently threated hostages.


      1. sounds like the Octagon Group might be making thirfinal move now they got Big Ears Charlie Boy as their spokesman in Davos for the upcoming WEF get together. Trump might just “trump” them though!

    2. Brittish royal family have been hostages of The Black Nobility – The Money Masters headed by Venice, Vienna and Vaduz – since the early 18th century.

  1. Yup – The Old Octogon, the symbol of “The Eight Winds of The World” ruling “The Seven Seas” of the globe.

    Aka “The Eight Forces Running Nature” according to classic Indo-European mythology – used as a symbol of The Highest and thus STOLEN and MONOPOLIZED by the Venetian Vipers – the branch of the Phoenician Tyrant-kings that eventually conquered Capitoline Hill and usurped the old, native and thus LEGITIMATE Throne of Rome – before they militatized the entire Meds (including the Invincible Punic Cavallery of war-elephants) to Invade and conquer ALL of Europe.

    Which they – in turn – enslaved and militarized to use and ABUSE the North European skills and knowledge to “Sail The Seven Seas”. Combined with Canons – the new super-weapon – they could then set out To Conquer The Entire World – as The Holy Roman Empire.

    Ultimately enslaving most of it – and thus ruling ALL of it by trade and finance and PLUNDER, DECEPTION and EXTORTION. Still headed by the same Ax known as The Family-line of Gaius (masculinication of ‘Gaia, the ultimate female – thus called “The Misgonyous”, “The Promiscous” aka “Whore of The New Babylon”).

    The usurping Ax-family naming themself “Gai-us” came out of the Punic rulers – before they produced 13 extra “btanches” aka “houses” to maintain the old structure of Rome – where all provinces were ruled in a family-line-system born out of the historically First Romans – once re-populating Italy as ICE-Age (aka Deucalion aka The Flood) were over. and the 12 Sons of Noah went to re-populate the northern hemisphere of the planet – by mixing with the 10 tropical “races” that had survived Ice-Age in the Tropical Parts of the various continents.

    As One of Noahs sons stayed home to perpetuate the Original Family-line he got an extraordinary title as The First Among Kings – also known as The King of Kings aka “Rex Mundi”. As the usurpers Out-of-India arrived via The Red Sea the family of Noah – to be found north of the Alps – became the ultimate goal – to extinct and usurpp. Which was done by 1072, when Adam of Bremen could pronounce to the world that “Christinaity have reached the extremes of the world”. Roman christianity, that is…

    Since then they could erase Old Sleipnir of the Hyperboreans and move the Epicentre of the world to The Alps – where ALL their loot – from Europe, America and Asia is most safely and secretly hidden – to secure them a MONOPOL of all Banking and Financing of ALL overseas trade and communication. Throughout the Anglo-American well as their Latin colonies.

    Still storing clsoe to 90% of the worlds gold – as their Personal property – they have been able to enslave the entire world in their octogonial Grip of the majoe trade-ports and markets of the world – such as Brüssels/Antwerp, London, NY, Seattle, Vancouver, Shanghai, Macau, Singapore, Bombay, Dubay, Istanbul, Venice and Marseilles, Casablanca and Lisbon.

    Built during the reign of The HRE their Maltese War Council and its Jesuit Secret Services still run the oldest, largest, best and most powerful Intelligence Agency in the world. To ensure the Migth and Wealth of their owners – The Black Nobility of the 13+1.

  2. US Ready To Become a”The Fourth Reich” – as described by Jim Marrs ???

    To Serve The Global Banksters exactly the way Nazified Germany did. To be ran by the very same Oligarchy that founded and funded Nazi-Germany – Still RULNG the Global Banks from Their Bottomless Vaults of old war-loot hidden in The Alps. From where Joes and Camelias Langley handlers are directed…

    Now ready ty NAZIFY the US.Ready to be obiliterated – just as The Third Reich ended up – as The Most Useful Idiots in World History?!

    Then just lie down and accept the Criminals Running Your Country – To ABUSE Your Nuclear Arsenal, to the last Russian – as well as American – is a pile of radiation.Killing two birds with the same stone – as per Haegels dialectic – is the old ‘speciality’ of the “Black Nobility” today running IMF/BIS as well as the ECB and the FED.

    Thus controlling and directing the Military-Industrial Complex of ALL Nato-countries – as well as its Bigh Tech – from Langley, NY, LA and Seatle. Besides the financieal services of Shanghai, Macau, Hong Kong, Bombay, Dubai, Rome, Madrid, Paris and London – from their Eagle-nests in the Alps.

    They have Gladio/Nato all set and ready to go – the only thing needed is a Comander-in-Chief of Pentagon ready to go along and “Give The Order”. Eventhough it means that a nuclear retaliation willl reduce 90+ % of all Americans and Europeans to heaps of radioactive dust. The OWNERS of the NWO – safely hidden deep inside the Alps – couldn’t care less.

    Better buy a Pillow, before it’s to late…

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