Bill and Melinda Gates Died in 2013 according to

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Bill and Melinda Gates died in 2013? You are not going to believe what we have discovered… looks like the Gates deceased in 2013. This is from and it gives us enough info to start digging deeper. Thanks to a lively discussion in the Conclave today with an invited guest to get us looking into this matter – which isn’t really what we are looking for, but this was staring at us!

Why haven’t the Gates family announced the death of Bill and Melinda?

Melinda Gates Timeline – Ancestry Person

melinda gates

Notice & Request:

melinda gates afiMelinda Gates’ maiden name is French. Her full name is Melinda Ann Gates (née French).

Born in Dallas on Aug. 15, 1964.

Her father’s name is Raymond Joseph French, Jr.

Melinda’s biographies across the web only tell us that her father Raymond was “an [Apollo] aerospace engineer, and her mother Elaine Agnes Amerland was a housewife.” 

We can find no other background on Raymond French. Given Bill & Melinda Gates’ prominence in world healthcare, technology and politics, not to mention their commitment to depopulation, her silence about her father is suspicious. He was a contemporary of Robert I. Lieber, indicted Harvard nano-scientist Charles M. Lieber’s father who was also involved in radar, satellite and missile engineering for RCA/NBC and David Sarnoff.



melinda gates birth record

We request your assistance in cracking the silence about Raymond French, his work, education, family heritage, etc. The Gates family is certainly hiding/censoring information about Melinda’s father Raymond Joseph French, Jr.

Thank you!

Please only send links that contain additional data about Raymond, we have the many links to the scant information above.


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    1. One of my Microsoft friends told me about 20 years ago that as soon as Bush43 was elected, they sent a group of thugs over to Microsoft to collect all of the back door access codes fr Windows programming. Not theory. Then FOREIGN HIGH TECH GROWS AND GROWS.

      1. Clones involve the R&R of DNA from the donor individual into a host fertilized egg. The clone grows into an embryo, fetus, neonate, and eventually a youth, teen, young adult, and eventually perhaps, a mature adult. Clones do not appear in a lab as a mature adult. A scientist can not create a clone of himself and soon be beside himself with joy.

      2. I really did meet with a queen Elizabeth clone. IDENTICAL to the lizard but about 40 years old and 30 pounds overweight. If the real Bill and Belinda died, Bill’s clone was set up near the time of Bill’s birth, to get a replica the same age as Bill. Billinda, Melinda’s replacement, has been shown to be an actor in drag. She was not cloned at birth.

      3. We only ever see these people on TV etc. Deep Fakes mean that electronic cloning is easy. Very hard to know somebody isn’t alive unless you see the body yourself. So, all it takes is the occasional TV appearance and everybody is fooled.

      4. It will only be possible with time travel. Like if someone had knowledge of who Bill Gates was to become. Then they could make a clone. Apparently Biben is a clone . As have different ears in earlier photos

      5. I’ve always believed in that, especially Now a days! Movie stars don’t age at all. Jennifer Lopez looked older in the 80’s when I watched her as a back up dancer. She looks better every day! & look at BEZOS, Gates, Elon Musk! It’s like they traveled to the future, came back with all these great ideas and got super rich over night! Especially BEZOS! A little nerd with an online book store! We already had online stores that went no where. Then he sells everything! & outlets all over the world! #1. Surpassed Walmart years ago????

    2. He’s a clone just like many many others in high position that have been charged with crimes against humanity

      1. Since the Gates family has been in the white racist eugenics movement for generations,and young Bill was dehumanized by endless underaged sex slaves and jack Abramoff cocaine(not theory), it is reasonable to assume that young Bill was cloned while still a neonate to get such a close double. Acne scars on the neck of the clone were not on Bill. The new ‘Melinda’ gates is in no way cloned, and is NOT Melinda Gates who married Bill over 25 years ago.

      1. Yes. Go to searchquarry dot com, a public records database search engine, and enter death search for William Gates in California. Check out item 17 in the list – 17, no kidding. Enter Melinda French as well. The results are quite clear. As far as this search facility is concerned, they are dead as dodos. So, incidentally, is the Zuck.

    3. He’s a clone, or a double, where they take a person to look like that person. That picture of Melinda looks like a man. I have seen videos explaining of cross genders make themselves look like the opposite gender. It’s a sick world we live in. Have you ever heard of the Baphomet. That satanic thing is both sexes. That’s what they want to push on the world, thinking they are right. It’s sad.

      1. LindaMB, these swine are merely following the demented traditions going back many centuries about possessing the money and power to abuse and exploit those of lesser means. False religions teach that God crucified his own son. This is B.S.. Rich overindulging swine and their hangers-on found the nicest guys and gals in town and attacked them out of jealousy. God put the devil on earth to make sure evil worshippers never survive the experience. Me? I follow the teachings of God, use good sense, and hope I was up to and above His expectations. The best thing about getting wrongly bullied is getting back up and administering justice.

    4. There is something similar to “clones” called “replicas”. Clones require creation from the embryonic stage at the same or similar time as the original so they age together. Replicas are created within hours. Literally.

    5. They are both clones! Start with Clonaid is just one source. Be prepared to go deep down the rabbit hole.

  1. They both reportedly died in July 2013. You would expect an accident or illness would have been reported. Were they “McCained”? I wonder if justice was served in India or Africa? Their foundation needs to be disgorged.

      1. Sorry, not sure where else to put this comment. Seems was just bought by Blackstone Group earlier this month (August). I’m not that familiar with the group, heard of it here and there. Just know a company name like that is rather odd IMO.

      2. Thank you for posting it here. We headlined an article or two on a Cat Report a while back and this is a relevant place to repost the info. They can now alter historical genealogical records.

      3. “Blackstone Group bought earlier this month.” AAAAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…Blackstone provided Larry Silverstein with his lot to buy the WTCs when Silverstein AND Blackstone Investments KNEW it had been condemned and slated t5o be demolished by 2007. The Blackstone Hotel in Tyler Texas was where George H.W. Bush was at 9AM addressing the local Chamber of Commerce while the JFK shooters were getting into position. Bush41 took a commuter plane to Dallas an hour or so away to witness the act. Blackstone group is Skull and Bones British loyal agents. read my notes about the young Microsofters, throwaway sex slaves, Bill gates Father and Jack Abramoff. A small group of swine masked as elite something. These are nasty sick people most American men are too lazy to care about until THEIR children come up missing. I believe Melinda Gates is missing, and Bill faked his death, or had a clone take the death penalty after a poisonous vaccine release.

      4. Blackstone is connected with Dominion voting machines, I wouldn’t necessarily trust what they say:

    1. This is very interesting because there were a lot of rumors on FB talking about these 2 were both hung in INDIA for the many deaths caused by their vaccines….

      1. The concept of both Gates people being hung in India for poisoning and sterilizing so many people certainly scores big in the logic and justice department. But the efforts continued by The Gates Foundation funding the London Pirbright Institute and their Wuhan lab to do the Wuhan COVID release to mask the massive genocide against China’s opponents to Chinese/Rothschild criminal communism indicates british royal and Pilgrims Society ambitions..

      2. What are you, a grammar Karen? This is an Internet blog and we make a huge disclaimer that typos and such are inadvertent.

      3. Yes it’s true they was hung from a tree and as you know MSM kept it quiet I am just t wondering if these two are body doubles surely the Jennifer Gates, and pheobie Gates must be dead or why is not came out and were are the doubles living

      4. BlackStone is owned by the Orsini family, the Queen, Rothschilds, DuPont, Rockefellers etc. BlackStone, Vanguard and Berkshire Hathaway own just about every corporation out there, including Big Pharma and the media, if you follow the money. Now you know who owns the c@vid and v@x narrative.

      5. And so they speculate the Gates’ died in 2013, hung in India for their vaccines which only started in 2019? All gossip and propaganda, and nothing adds up. Everyone has his own version so show me a death certificate with ID on, then you have a case.

    2. according to this is posted on the Gates family Tree:

      Her husband William Henry “Bill” “Trey”, co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, co-founder Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, philanthropist passed away on July 29, 2013, in India at the age of 57. They had been married 19 years.

      William Henry “Bill” “Trey”, co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, co-founder Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, philanthropist Gates IV

      July 29, 2013 • hung by locals, India

      Note: Intel Rumor of Death
      Intel Received: they were in India in 2013 giving children vaccinations and many died, or left paralyzed. The people who had their children vaccinated and had died or paralyzed seized the two and hanged them both at the same time. Doubles replaced them.

      July 2013 • India
      29 JUL

      AGE 48

      Melinda Ann, co-founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, American philanthropist French died on July 29, 2013, in India when she was 48 years old.

      July 29, 2013 • hung by locals, India

      1. I wonder! Was “Billy boys” trips on the Lolita express prior to July, 2013?
        PEDO activity is also worthy of hanging, stoning, shooting, or using whatever resources the local community have available. It also frequently provides clearer evidence of malfeasance, than “medical” quackery (even when overwhelming. Example: Fauci.).

      1. India. was bought by the utterly swampy BlackStone Investments. Very white. Too white. Whiter than just whitey white. Since BS bought it recently, it is logical to be suspicious of any claims that the Gates couple met with anything beyond a very large pile of Rothschilds fractional lending fiat currency. I have commented MANY places about the demented conditions the high school math whizzes who met to start Microsoft to do software and such for the Seattle MIC. Gates could use a million hangings. A rival company might be game for creating a virtual hanging gallows, complete with electro-shock features.

      2. I used to be able to watch these videos on U tube. I watched them until I thought it was too bizarre to realize it to be true. But then, not only there, I was hearing it from some others saying things about doubles & cloning. They were taking Robin Williams face & putting it beside Melinda Gates face to let people know what could possibly be so. The way the sick world is, I’m knowing it’s possible. I have listened to Gene, the one that decodes things say that they do clone. I have seen documentaries on it & an actual sac that people were hanging in. They have been cloning since 1938.So, I believe that the deep state, demonic CCP is trying to control this world for the NWO, & they are using their doubles to make people think that they are in charge. I believe the gates are dead, but try & convince the rest of the world is not a picnic. –Linda

      3. Buy some beer and invite your friends over. Play a list of these videos of recew3nt weirdness out there. I brought a small vcr/TV set to play The Clinton Chronicles at my 30 year high school class reunion. The people of my youth that I used to discuss such serious controversies with ended up watching for various periods of time. The rest just milled and went BAA-A-A-A-A… Yes, I smiled to see them too.

    3. I recently came across an article that described the two’s death by hanging in 2013 in India by the town that Bill experimented on the towns girls.The girls were subsequently injured or died soon after. The experiment is well documented. Now their deaths are confirmed and I have a list of those indicted, arrested and executed. Bill and Melinda are listed as ‘deceased’. Which is very odd. No I know why.

    4. From what I heard they were hung in India by the parents of children killed and injured by their vaccine testing

      1. Logically, since Gates knew that he and his mate were travelling to foreign lands and seizing children to, in his own words, “take a needle and jab GMOs right into their little arms”, he would have maintained a safety retreat unless he wished for his own death. True, Gates and the high school computer club and early Microsofters were treated by his father with endless underaged runaways and cocaine, his values were warped from acceptability. For his own sake, what the people of India are reported to have done in 2013 is better than what the world wants to do to him now. Since The Skull and Bones Anglophiles bought some time ago, any claims of a Bill Gates premature death must be treated as a debatable report.

  2. Hello ‘Betsy &Thomas’ / Douglas & Tyla and crew,

    I’d been meaning to send you this info for some time but this report has now prompted me to do so.

    Greetings from Glastonbury – Avalon – England,

    Perhaps the info about the Gates in the link / document below may have had some to do with the Gates’s death?

    All the best ~ Toby.

    Criminal Charges concerning Bioterrorism Acts and Mass Murder. Submitted: FBI OFFICER

    EMBASSY OF THE UNITED STATES Boltzmanngasse 16 A-1090 Vienna Austria

    Date: June 10, 2009


    I have downloaded it and put it into “Bio Bird Flu” pdf for convenience


      1. Our Spirit, I tried to re-share your blog but WP is giving a hard time with this, saying the page has been deleted LOL! Does WP censor? I have shared it on my social sites and have no problem. Thanks again for a great blog! So many have commented to me and I hope it brings others to your site!

    1. EXCERPTS:

      Criminal Charges concerning Bioterrorism Acts and Mass

      Submitted: FBI OFFICER
      Boltzmanngasse 16
      A-1090 Vienna

      Date: June 10, 2009

      Trudeau stated that elitists he had talked to thought their
      plans were for the greater good of humanity but that they
      believed there were two classes of people on earth, the
      ruling elite and the ―worker bees,‖ , and that the elite
      were defined not necessarily by money or power, but by
      their genetic ancestry.

      Trudeau shockingly detailed conversations with elitists
      during which they brazenly admitted their desire for
      massive global population reduction.

      ―I‘ve been sitting on the boats off the coast of Barbados
      with the guys who basically said we need to get two-thirds
      of the dumb people off the planet – I‘ve been in the
      meetings,‖ said Trudeau, adding that such words were not
      spoken in an evil manner, but in a ―matter of fact‖ way
      under the pretext that such a thing would be for the good
      of planet earth.

      Revealingly, Trudeau said that elitists see Alex Jones as
      an annoyance but tolerate him because they believe Jones as
      well as Trudeau himself are, ―desensitizing people to these
      realities,‖ – which in a way works to their benefit.

      XXXVIII. Conclusion

      There is evidence that there is an international criminal
      corporate crime syndicate, directed by a group called the
      Illuminati, who are planning the mass murder of the people
      of the USA by using an artificial virus as a pretext to
      deliver toxic vaccinations.
      The pandemic flu vaccine is a) classed as a ―bioweapon‖
      according to the US government‘s own documents (see
      Attachment 1), b) the vaccine companies tasked with
      producing the vaccine have been involved in the activities
      of the type typical of bioweapons, including developing
      weaponized viruses, releasing them into the general public,
      in deliberate contamination of vaccines resulting in death
      and injury and designing trials of vaccine to cause death
      and injury and there is a high probability the vaccines
      will be cause injury or death, and c) the government is
      acting unconstitutionally and illegally in compelling them
      to take an injection of a substance classified as bioweapon
      d) in criminalizing a refusal, and e) in waiving people‘s
      right to claim compensation in the event of injury or
      damage, and f) by misusing the US population as ―vectors‖
      to spread the pandemic because the act of mass vaccination,
      that is to say, of forced injections of toxins under guise
      of offering prophylactic treatment is the very process by
      which the virus will be able to mutate and release a fully
      weaponized virus.


      The main defendants include:












      DAVID DE ROTHSCHILD, Managing Partner, Rothschild & Cie Banque



      GEORGE SOROS, Chairman of Soros Fund Management, LLC


      Michael O. Leavitt, Former Secretary of Health and Human Services

      Jeffrey Taubenberger,, NAID-Intramural branch

      James Robertson, National Institute for Biological Standards and Control

      Ruben O. Donis, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

      Rick A. Bright, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

      The above defendants have given support in the form of
      funds, logistics, skills, licenses and cover to the covert
      programme of mass genocide using an artificial virus and
      mass vaccination with toxic vaccines.
      Specifically, Defendant President Barack Obama, who as part
      of his Office, will oversee the implementation of the
      International Partnership on Avian and Pandemic Influenza,
      which would give primacy to the World Health Organization
      (WHO) and United Nations over US law and government
      agencies in the event of a pandemic being declared.
      President Obama has also requested a $1.5 billion emergency
      appropriation to deal with swine flu, including development
      of a vaccine.
      Defendant David Nabarro, who as Senior U.N. system
      influenza coordinator will implement an emergency response
      plan in the event of a declared pandemic on US territory
      operating through authorities under the WTO, North American
      Free Trade Agreement and the U.N. Food and Agriculture
      Organization, and taking precedence over US government
      agencies and law.
      4. Defendant WHO, the organization responsible for
      coordinating the global response, including the US
      response, to the „swine flu― and other pandemics.

      Defendant HHS is in the process of working with vaccine
      manufacturers to facilitate production of pilot vaccine
      lots for both H5N1 and H9N2 strains as well as contracting
      for the manufacturing of H5N1 vaccine. The HHS recently
      awarded contracts to Novartis AG worth $289 million; Sanofi
      Aventis SA for $191 million, and GlaxoSmithKline PLC for
      $181 million to produce H1N1 vaccine ingredients. HHS said
      it is also talking to additional manufacturers to find more

      Defendant DHS has prepared pandemic flu guidelines,
      including the National Strategy to Safeguard against the
      Danger of Pandemic Influenza (White House) and will
      coordinate between government officials and the public
      health, medical, veterinary, and law enforcement
      communities, as well as the private sector in the event of
      a declared pandemic.

      Defendant Department of Health and Human Services (―HHS‖)
      through its agent, Defendant Food and Drug Administration
      (―FDA‖), is the federal agency responsible for licensing
      and quality control of drugs and biologic products, such as
      „swine flu― and other pandemic vaccines.
      The FDA is responsible for promulgating federal regulations
      that describe what makes a drug or vaccine an ―IND‖ and how
      a drug is placed in IND status.

      Defendant Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt
      introduced a new FDA rules in January 2006 that pre-empted
      any state laws that allow citizens to sue drugmakers for
      producing unsafe drugs under the dubious claim that the
      FDA, an agency under HHS, had national responsibility for
      certification of drug safety and state lawsuits impinged on
      that national responsibility.

    2. I read recently that viruses are NOT of this earth but of alien nature bacteria is of this earth but not viruses. I wish i had saved the article a person never knows at the time of new i fo wether to keep for future reference sometimes so outrageous gets bypassed …UNTIL

      1. many episodes on X-files regarding this topic, I suggest watching all the old x-files from the beginning. As example did you know the Roswell crash was really in the small town next to it called Corona, Corona NM! and what they found in the crash was a rock buried deep that carried an old alien virus (or bacteria) supposedly from Mars. Thus began the Corona virus and the elite’s plan to create an immunization for themselves and eradicate the rest. It’s really good show

      2. You can go to History and search for key words of the articles headline, it should come up.

    3. Sadly, I’m no longer shocked by much of this.
      Thank you, information is power. Time to wake people up Patriots.

  3. Honestly, this really does not surprise me. I already thought that they were both test tube babies from the start. I don’t know much about Melinda but Bill was supposed to be a child prodigy. Most eugenicist believe in gene manipulation to create their super race. There is nothing new under sun and cloning and genetic manipulation is reoccurring theme.

    1. Queen Elizabeth has a group of spies who are clones of herself. I met one. Identical but about 35 years old and 40 pounds overweight. They were not happy at all and just wanted to know whether I was a threat to the queen Lizardsbreath.

      1. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

        A face, that only a test tube would love.

    2. Bill Gates was no prodigy, but merely a grifter. He BOUGHT (and then renamed) MSDOS from a guy in Seattle, then sold it to IBM. Then he negotiated himself a sweet deal to keep the software rights and from his ill-gotten profits, hired a slew of people to continue development of that software. There’s nothing “prodigy” about any of that. ALL of Microsoft’s software was either stolen (like the Stacker compression software) or mediocre and riddled with bugs. Also, many of the bugs were inserted intentionally to be used as weapons against competition (“it’s not our operating system; it’s your application program”).

      1. A very refreshing comment by Anon1745. Add to it the underaged girls and endless cocaine given to the high school aged computer club Microsofters, provided by Gates, Sr. and his republican gangster buddy Jack Abramoff and the people can get a better idea about savant creation. If the computer club guys would have gone independent, we would all have affordable UFOs with easily replaceable maintenance and cheap parts by now.

      2. Billy Gates mama was on the board of directors of IBM, no wonder he got the deal.

      1. Not very damn likely. My further reference to the hoodlums showing up at Microsoft just after the 2000 election for all Windows back doors is a very small buoy indeed to provide a floating view that MAYBE British Empire spies were ordered to circumvent the U.S. Patent process by attacking Microsoft for this key info directly. Since every White House President since JFK has been a British agent, through British freemasonry, Skull and Bones Society, and/or The Pilgrims Society, Microsoft vulnerability.has been an open wound. Perhaps eliminating weird Bill and Belinda and leaving body doubles was done to raise the flag that everything was O.K.. NVDL

  4. Looking to go deeper here. I am very interested in this topic. I eagerly await more opinion and data….thanks.

    1. I think this 2013 business is false. Hundreds of Seattle people know about the young Microsofters and their 3 day all-nighters designing software and computer hardware. Many know about the rest of it. That sure looks like a Billinda.

    2. Look at The Sequel of The Fall of the Cabal. Parts 1-23 on Rumble videos. It has many aspects of “conspiracy theories” plotted out. Very compelling. Parts ?8-12? addresses Gates, Fauci, Epstein, NWO, NIH, Nato, EU.

  5. Just throwing this out there…I looked back at some of the pictures taken in Africa. MG’s nose and chin seem a bit more dainty and pointed. BG’s arms look a bit more muscular. (Perhaps I’m imagining this) what if these people in the pictures are doubles? I’m guessing that the elite globalist wealthy pilgrim society members don’t want to get all dirty in the desert in Africa with sick people. Perhaps something bad did happen to the doubles.This of course would have to be covered up because they are not the real people and the entire situation would be exposed. Thank Tyla; Douglas and Michael.

    1. It is, of course, heavy with speculation from 3rd and even 4th hand information. I say this only because to move forward on this the news MUST be verifiable and honest. I have heard this claim made by others a few years ago, therefore it seems to have merit, at least to some degree. I have heard about others doing similarly as these imposters of the Gates’ and if true, this is very concerning to me. I am NOT in law-enforcement or associated with them directly in any way. I am a writer and am interested in this type of discovery and follow up. I sincerely appreciate any input you would like to share concerning this deception and false people.

      1. This is true. Clinton Obama many many deep state members are clones.

      2. I only heard this information today about Bill and Melinda Gates. What got my interest was I have been a Q follower from the start and someone had produced a list of all the execution that have already taken place. Against Bill Gates name it had simply deceased 2013 which I thought was really strange because all the executions had been recently at GITMO, some by hanging.

      3. I am not a psyop and Bill Gates’ father really did provide underaged girls and endless cocaine while they still were in high school and after. This DID retard their development of social skills but they DID always have a bag of cocaine. Now the masses of the world are just pests in their garden because they are not computer savants. You had best believe it. I once asked a young Microsofter (a friend of 3 years by then) what they did with the girls when they were done with them. His response? “I dunno.” Alan Sabrosky of the U.S. Army War College once told me that the Cheney/Rumsfeld duo had installed most all generals and admirals then in the 2013 U.S. Military. I need better news.

  6. Leaked Pentagon / DOD Presentation For a ‘Vaccine’ (“FUNVAX”) Against Religous Fundamentalism(!) THIS IS NOT BILL GATES IN THE VIDEO. Seriously, I will no longer recommend AIM4TRUTH with this kind of ridiculous and obvious non sense.

    1. We are crowdsourcing truth here. The You Tube poster indicated this was not Bill Gates. You have registered your vote as it IS Bill Gates. However, we recommend that you leave our site if crowdsourcing truth is bothersome to you because we will do it again.

    2. He isn’t! It was made for a film and that was different man. I saw 2 videos one real and other blurry, fake. That said James Corbett. I think he has that video somewhere.. saw a while ago.

      1. James Corbett is straight up propaganda. Is a chill for the Brits. In our opinion and early research we called him out as such, We have had no change of mind.

  7. “Perhaps this was the date of death on the certificate that was issued after Bill had gone missing for 7 years, after which he was pronounced dead. So we went back to July 29, 2005 and searched what was going on with Microsoft and Bill Gates at that time and this video below came up with a message in the description box:

    A presentation believed to have been made 2005/6 to DOD officials by a ‘scientist’ looking a bit like Bill Gates(!), claiming that research is being done to create a ‘vaccine’ that alters ‘Religious Fundamentalist’ behavior.” “The lecturer in the video, claims the person who posted this in YouTube in 2011, is not Bill Gates, but his gestures, stature, voice, etc. surely resemble the Bill Gates persona that appears in today’s media. Could this man be a double for Gates, stepping in for Bill when needed… then becoming a permanent replacement for Bill when he disappeared? Did the original Melinda also disappear in 2005? If you find any videos of Melinda prior to 2005, please post them below.”

    If you have comments, information, links that are relevant, please leave in comment box or send directly to us.
    Fact Check: Bill Gates and the “God Gene” Vaccine

    1. Thank you for the video. We busted Corbett a while back for shilling for the Privy Council. He is there to protect them from incoming information damage. After watching him frantically explain why this video is a hoax, we are more convinced that there IS something here the enemy doesn’t want us to see

      1. What are you saying about Corbett? What does Shilling the privy council mean?
        He seems on the side of truth to me. .

      2. I’m sorry, I still don’t understand; please can you explain further? He seems legit to me! Would love to know more to get informed about him so I can look into it. Thanks.

      3. We provided a link in the article about our research into the matter. You have to click the link to go to the material.

      4. HE is not controlled opposition and if you claim this please support with evidence so i can research

    2. This person in recent photos of Belinad is a man in a bad wig is 100% not the original wife of Bill Gates, Belinda Gates! I am a gifted Seer, Metaphysical Divine Healer/Rabboni/ Prophetess and Chancellor of Bene’ Ha’ Elohim of Hosts! I see behind the veils of all deception and dellusion! The Gates family is still secretly fighting to claim pocession of their inheritance and right to the Gates FOUNDATION Fortune!

  8. I’m reminded of how the deceased Howard Hughes was kept alive by proxy with an imposter. Insiders didn’t want his corporations probated because of the many skunk works projects. When he had actually died his company’s main project was the ability to detect enemy subs from one point anywhere in the world AND to prevent being detected yourself.

      1. Honest to God, Our Spirit. years after being told by an insider and relative, I met one of queen Elizabeth’s clones. She was EXACTLY a match for queen Elizabeth. Height, face, but about 30 pounds overweight. After reading some of my internet posts, the queen’s security people wanted to know if I was a threat to Lizard’sbreath. This clone asked me this straight up. It is odd having a person who is a 40 year old overweight queen Elizabeth with different conditioning asking questions.

  9. It would be interesting to see what other deaths are being reported on ancestry.
    If they showed up I’m sure there are others as well. In fact people might find records of the clone wars there. You never know…..

  10. The “aft” before “2013” is an abbreviation for “after” . It means someone researching them in 2013 entered a notation that they were not yet dead at that point.

    1. No, this is incorrect. The term means they deceased sometime after 2013. If they were still alive, a notation would not have been made in the death column. For years we have head the theory that the Gates were hung in India. Some say they disappeared in Africa. So they had to wait for seven years before proclaiming them dead. We have no proof of this yet- just putting together loose pieces. They would not want to destroy the Gates financial empire so simply put body doubles in place around 2005. This is why the video from 2005 is of interest. Is this Bill’s body double rehearsing his new role as Bill Gates? The Gates children would want their parents’ death recorded officially in order to receive death benefits and inheritances. And the media would never report this as the media is globalist propaganda.

      1. Now we’re on the subject of body doubles; anyone care to chime in on Paul of Beatles fame. The actual Paul died in 1966 and a double and a new look were ushered out for Sargent Pepper in 1967. Most people start rolling the eyes about this point in the conversation. But the new Paul was a good 4 inches taller than the old Paul, and this is prior to the platform shoe craze several years later. The ears are totally different too. I recently read enough of the book weird scenes to realize the Tavistock et al sure did a number on the brains of the 60’s kids myself included. Music is a big part of the propaganda used to hook kids.

      2. We did a piece about that some time ago. And, yes, body double replacement…

        Thing is when you have a multi-million of billion dollar operation with a well-known public persona, their untimely deaths can cost the brand $$$ in losses. So they slip in the body double and the corrupt media gives it a pass and the sheeple continue to graze.

      3. My question about their deaths’ being recorded on concerns the fact that their children’s names are listed. I have done a bit of personal history on &, and they do not allow the names of people still living to be visible to the public … ONLY to the person who added them to the family tree. If you add a person to your family tree without supplying a date of death (such as the Gates’ children’s names), that person is visible ONLY to yourself.

        That makes me think that either someone with access to ancestry back channels added Bill & Melinda’s names (as well as those of their children) to the family tree in order to spread disinformation, or else the screen shot of the ancestry records listing these names was made by a Gates family member, on behalf of the children. Do we know the origin of the first time the ancestry record was made public outside of

      4. Remember, folks. Blackstone Investments bought up ‘’. Blackstone as in ‘Frauds R Us’ Blackstone. (See: Larry Silverfish WTC purchase, Bush41 speech just before assassinating JFK, Yale Skull and Bones roots, etc.)

      1. This blows my mind that you are the first source to display this information. I now see why they are being used to push the agenda/vaccine.

      2. Probably a silly question but has anyone attempted contact with the owner of that family tree through Ancestry.

        My gut feeling and senses are that the African theory is just propaganda.
        If they were hung by the rightly aggrieved people of Africa it would be spread around like folklore, but it appears not.
        Visiting powerful elites have high level security, and more than likely government officials in attendance while they do
        publicity shoots. They would be long gone before the effects of their vaccinations became known.
        ……If we were talking about the vaccinators being strung up I might consider the theory.
        Prosecution by the African government as also reported? The US would not agree to the execution of US citizens of such high standing instead of a private extradition. There would be too much to lose with the public elimination or besmirking of the then respected Gates name and their foundation.
        Would have really stuffed up their agendas. Was Africa knowingly playing their part in the depop agenda, or unaware? (Hmmm just a thought when did Barry visit his homeland, I remember seeing photos at some point…was very chummy with the African leader)
        Anyway I suspect they were disposed of and replaced ….perhaps to appease the African government…but could be one of many reasons.
        They may even be on the list of the living dead lazing in the sun somewhere incognito.

      3. Adding to my other comment above re: the ancestry entry showing the Gates’s deaths, the 2007 photo of the couple looks to have been taken from Wikipedia, which to me says the ancestry entry was not created by family members. Family members would have likely posted a photo they themselves or another close relative or friend had taken, IMO.

    1. I’m sorry; forgive me for not clarifying. I was referring to the piece on body doubles or Paul or Tavistock mentioned in the comment above. Would love to see it.

      1. I was an electric guitar player from 1965 because of the strange noises the girls made around the Beatles. I used to play the ‘Peter Gunn’ theme on my dad’s old Gretsch archtop like it was a stand up bass. In Facebook correspondence with Jim Fetzer about this, I stated I believed there had been a replacement, but the ongoing recorded releases had proved to me the fellow was still alive and kicking. I soon thereafter received a ‘Facebook friend’ request from Paul McCartney and a short recording of Mr. McCartney trying to teach the new guy how to sing the chorus of ‘Hey, Jude’. Impossible task. I thus believe that ‘the new guy’ is lip sync’ing for the real Paul McCartney’s voice. I won’t go into the details, but the boys were overburdened by their careers and the drugs they were constantly fed so there were some spin outs.

  11. Paul still alive. New Paul lip synched. Old Paul back. There was a bad car crash 1966. girl killed. Paul said, “No more Beatlemania insanity.” Somebody sent me a tape of Paul McCartney trying to teach ‘New Paul’ how to sing the chorus to ‘Hey, Jude’. ‘New Paul could not get it so ‘Hey, Jude’ from Smothers Brothers is most likely lip-synched. I fear that the ‘New Gates couple’ may be the result of foul play.

    1. I was ‘Facebook Friend requested’ by Sir Paul McCartney maybe 6 years ago. The Beatles were drugged up and chased around by paid hookers and crazed teeny-boppers alike. Not fun.

    2. Then how do you explain all the Beatles songs point to Paul already being dead. I don’t believe you for one second that the real Paul McCartney is still alive. Once the doppelganger takes over, they have to dispose of the original because it’s a liability. Dead men don’t talk.

      1. As a performing Beatle, Paul bowed out. They did not dig him up to pose for pictures. The dude on the bench playing and singing ‘Hey, Jude’ on The Smothers Brothers Show in 1968 mat not be Paul McCartney. The voice is. Check it out at the lab. McCartney had 2 separate maternity suits from wealthy people and had just had a fatal car crash. He bowed out, and was injured in the crash. No more Paul talk. My statements about the young Microsofters being fed like the Beatles were fed is from personal knowledge. They contributed a phenomenally great effort in getting us access to our own PCs as well as advances in technological applications. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

      2. I looked into this very heavily the past 3 yrs or longer. I am convinced Paul was replaced and not by his will. Tina Foster ( on youtube) gives a compelling argument and has all the facts/dates.

      3. Yup. Stay focused. Beware the totally wigged out megalomania of Bill Gates is in reality due to his dehumanizing at the hands of his eugenics obsessed father and Jack Abramoff. The further efforts at poisoning everybody with COVID oriented vaccines will be robot like and cold blooded. These are taught behavioral traits of British monarchs and Bill Gates. Their abuse of stolen and abandoned children should make this intuitively obvious. This is data which we can not afford to ignore.

      4. Neither did the live Paul McCartney talk. The Beatles were not in a serious bitch-fest. But I checked and I still have a recording of Paul McCartney trying to teach the new guy how to sing like McCartney. It did not work.

    3. If you want to go down a secret society filled rabbit hole relating to The Beatles, research Brian Epstein (known as the fifth Beatle).

  12. Justice would be that someone loaded each of them up with 40 or 50 of their own vaccines they murder children with. of course I would want it to be an extended time so they suffer,maybe 2 weeks.

    1. I think they died of “gall.”

      Definition of gall

      1: brazen boldness coupled with impudent assurance and insolence

      in•so•lent ĭn′sə-lənt►
      adj. Audaciously rude or disrespectful; impertinent or impudent.
      adj. Presumptuous and insulting in manner or speech; arrogant.
      Unwonted; unusual; uncommon.

  13. Maybe bill and Melinda are the first full cyborgs, sort of like a new Adam and Eve. That’s maybe why they are allowed to lead the vaccine agenda. The herd is next…the difference will be that they belong to the elite and we the herd are the slaves.

    1. If you can still find one, find and compare an authentic 1990s image of Melinda Gates and one if the new person trying to pass for Melinda. Totally different individuals.

      1. That photo of Melinda Gates is definitely not her. It’s a bloke and he’s an actor but I just can’t remember his name. I’ve seen him in a movie or 2 but ………

  14. Steadily looking into your claims and from what I have been shown it supports your claims. Looking to take this public (with your blessings) as soon as more data is made available.

    1. When I comment about the weirdness surrounding the Microsoft high schoolers, I am not embellishing nor exaggerating. Bill Gates could well have been cloned as a newborn to ensure continuity in some weird cult. The guys I knew who got into Microsoft early were all within normal limits, but very smart people. Qui bono? The Jesuit backers. Thomas Loyola aficionados.

      1. It is reasonable to consider that a number of ‘Bill Gates’ were cloned directly after his birth. The ‘white purity cult’ surrounding Gates/Sanger/British royalty has a bottomless pit of money to work with. Their vanity is #1. Fukushima was sabotaged AND I imagine them to be the only earthly entity able to pull it off without worrying about repercussions. 3 mininukes between the reactors, reactor 3 was out being repaired. 2-3 major nukes in the trench out front to cause the tsunami(readily seen when examining the Japanese AND American seismographs of the event. There was no 9.1 earthquake. Only a 6.7 50 miles inland.This took stupid with too much money and power to pyull off.

  15. Fascinating! I must agree about doubles. Presidents and very rich important people have always had doubles. Hillary has at least 2,. one is shorter but younger one is taller and thinner. Clones would need way to much time to develop. Too Much sci fi in all these comments. Paul is dead! Macca is the replacement. John and Paul had so much material to last many years. When Sgt Peppers came out it all changed radically.Paul’s;family was paid off handsomely The boys went along with the program to make millions. As for Bill and Melinda I hope that is true but it makes no difference to the masses. Don’t take the shots! Somehow we all must overcome these power mongers that want many millions of us dead. There are no useless eaters,everyone has something to add to our humanity and cultures. Millions have already been slain in the name of some man made. twisted idealism. We must build up the human race not tear it down.Oh well much more could be said but my fingers are numb and my back is giving out so I bid you all ADIEU…..

    1. The queen of England has a group of maybe a half dozen clones of herself about 40 years old. The one I met was IDENTICAL to a 40 year old, 30 pounds overweight queen Elizabeth. Paul is not dead. He threw in the towel just after he totaled his car and killed his passenger. That and 2 maternity suits PLUS the usual panic Beatlemania. The substitute could not sing, so to keep the queen in new shoes, McCartney returned. ‘Hey, Jude’ seems to be the replacement with McCartney’s voice in a lip-sync. McCartney is a most melodic bass player. A very talented group, The Beatles. DON’T take the vaccines or make your kids have them until we get a sane reasonable policy from Dr. Atlas and Co. or later if Atlas drinks the Kool-Aid. Fauci and Gates should hang, without parole.

    2. I spend a lot of time on Twitter, and apparently clones can go from 2 cells to mature adults in just a few months. However, I think clones are a lot like trees in that the faster they grow, the quicker they get sick and die. The original clones DID take much longer to mature.

      1. I would be utterly shocked if an exact clone of anything and its true age could be done even in a matter of years, if it took space at an accelerated rate from natural development.

  16. Bill and Melinda gates were killed after giving vaccines to young Indian children that paralyzed and killed many. The parents of these children dragged Bill and Melinda outside where they were hanged. You’re not seeing clones. You’re seeing look a likes, stand-ins and Deep Fake video. Why? Because the elites didn’t want you to have solid evidence that the vaccines the gates have been funding were part of a population control plan.

    1. The Skull and Bones Society based Blackstone Investmentswas named for the Blackstone Hotel in Tyler, Texas where Bush41 addressed the Tyler Chamber of Commerce before a very short flight to Dallas to supervise the assassination of President Kennedy. This murder got Bush41 many brownie points with the Shadow Government, with us since before 1776.

  17. I came across this Ancestry “evidence” several months ago but did not pass it along due to the fact that it shows the children’s names. Unless the children also died (which is not indicated to be the case here), most genealogy websites do not allow you to make public a living person’s name, in order to protect the privacy of the living. Otherwise, the page appears to be legitimate, from what little I have used Elsewhere, I read that the Gates couple were hung in India by the parents of children who had been paralyzed or killed by one of Bill’s experimental vaccines. I would call that justice, myself.

    1. If Bill Gates was just one of several hatched at the same time as part of a jesuit plan, I would say we are approaching a cure for Gatesomania death cultism. The ‘NEW’ Melinda Gates is NOT the woman who married the Bill Gates. The original Melinda looked scared and near panic in later videos with Bill going off on how we all will die without his vaccines, and the seriously damaging vaccine tests being carried out around India, Africa, and elsewhere by his group, without Bill having a license to practice medicine.

  18. Clone technology is much more advanced then what I’m seeing advanced here. Full grown Clones can be created in very short time now. Please see movie “Replicas with Keanu Reeves”. They have about away to stimulate your growth hormones exponentially to create almost the perfect clone but not quite there are differences if you just look for a sec. the rumor is they replaced Bill and Melinda with actors. Bill by a female and Melinda by a male. They’re both impersonating the opposite sex. Pretty good trick huh. They were executed I heard in India fir killing well over 50,000 children with their vaccinations so the parents grabbed them both and hung their sorry asses!

  19. There’s a guy on tiktok tonight with a list of famous people from Hollywood and including the Gates, stating they were killed and they are all clones that we see on tv. Including Bill & Hillary Clinton, Obama’s & George Sorrows to name a few.

    1. WOW
      That is not even a One Bit Exciting,
      The Clones Die every 60 Days or so.
      Hillary Died on 911 – Drug Her into the Bus & Was Reported on the News She DIED
      Then A New Hillary Walked Out of Her Daughters Building???

      Why Wasn’t a Person in need of Hospitalization Taken to the HOSPITAL???


    2. Military Arrest are not Exploited on TV.
      Military Tribunals are NOT for Public to See on Camera.
      Hangings Should be allowed.

      “” Treasonous Traitors “”

      Are Nothing But,

      DUST in the Wind.



  20. They cloned dolly sheep 24 years ago, do you relly think they stopped on this because somebody said they shouldn’t – no they never stopped in their top secret labortories and already got human clones

    1. Believe it or not, I was told about queen Elizabeth’s clone spy network. I thought it to be B.S. until one of them made it to Hawaii to see who this person was bad mouthing the Lizard. This clone plainly stated that she was there to see if I was a danger to queen Elizabeth of England. She was identical to a 35-40 year old queen Elizabeth but about 40 pounds overweight. This was way up there on the list of weird things which have happened to me. Ask around about the queen’s clones.

    2. New Hillary came out of Her Daughters House, After She Died 911 NYC???
      Why Didn’t the Black Van Take Her to A Hospital?? = [Defective Clone]

      1. CLOSELY EXAMINE as many different videos of Killary being loaded into the black SUV. The leg irons and waist cuff set-ups are dodged out, in some versions not so neatly. The double who exited the Clinton townhouse was a paid actor. Killary bought the pistol they found in Vince Foster when she was in Seattle in 1983, 6 witnesses. All pissed off big time at CFRtv addict America.

  21. Cloning. like many other inventions, have been around for a longer time than is evident. HAARP was first experimented with during World War II, And the phrase ‘Top Secret’ was invented for a reason. The person who told me about the Lizard queen clones was a Rockefeller oil/U.S. Navy figure when they were mapping The Gulf of Tonkin for oil deposits. In my microbiology lab class, we used manual probes to extract the DNA out of a fruit fly nucleus. Easy to do. Clones are more complex to do, but the work is within your grasp should you take the bizarre turn that it requires.

  22. I don’t think that’s how the world works, it’s never that kind. Genocidal fake Dr’s like the Gates don’t simply die, they are protected by evil forces. I wish the world were just and kind but just look at the horrific evil pedos in our White house after the world’s least kept secret of illegal elections.
    God, it seems, may have abandon us for not paying enough attention to him/it/they? 2021 has been the most depressing year imaginable so far.

    1. Only the devil’s disciples believe that the devil has supernatural powers to guide them into evil. The REAL Satan has as much contempt as God for unrepentant sinners. This is why God put him in charge of hell. So the vicious sinners among us would never survive the experience. Gates deceptions will come to a halt as soon as CFRtv addicted Americans turn their TV sets off and get down to business. They were NOT given a brain to sit like goats and watch the CFRtv. (The Council on Foreign Relations is a treasonous entity as proved by the Hon. Rep. Oscar Callaway hearings in 1917. The CFR programs all national syndicated news on television and most syndicated radio, AP, Reuters, and other national news services. Class time. Homework. Attitude. Semper Fi.

  23. alias91376267 I find your posts very informative… I would like to follow your blogs or even Facebook… I called Bill Gates a fossil on one of the WhatsApp groups and was told that he was already dead hence I started researching… This thread is very informative… Thank you everyone…

    1. Thank you very much for the feedback. I was kicked off Facebook for giving Palestinian families $850.00 through a program dedicated to feeding their kids through a program on Facebook. EVERYTHING I have claimed about the young Microsoft is unembellished and accurate. Youtube kicked me off for suggesting Faucifraud be given the harshest sentence possible after a suitably short trial. It is true BlackStone Investments(the same BlackStone that backed Larry Silverfish’s purchase of the World Trade Center KNOWING it had been condemned and due for demolition NO LATER THAN 2007. It ALSO is true they bought August, 2020. allegedly has DNA data on its 18 million members. I smell that a Gates clone and perhaps Melinda Gates met their end in India. Maybe she still is around.

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