British World Order Controls America

made in britain coronavirusMichael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel give an audio report on the latest findings from the amazing AFI miners:

How the Rothschilds Use Mass Surveillance and Nanotech Bioweapons to Sustain the Imperial British World Order

Please feel free to mirror this audio on your platform. We need all nations to know who our enemy is. Together we can topple the Rothschild control over the citizens of the planet. But first, you need to know history… real history…truth history.

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Raw audio file:

Please note: In the podcast regarding Lord Rosebery, Michael McKibben mistakenly said: [Lord Rosebery inherited] “over a half-a-Million dollars in today’s money.”  He meant to say:  [Lord Rosebery inherited] “over a half-a-Billion dollars in today’s money.”


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  1. Regarding Lord Rosebury, Michael McKibben mistakenly said: [Lord Rosebury inherited] “over a half-a-Million dollars in today’s money.” He meant to say: [Lord Rosebury inherited] “over a half-a-Billion dollars in today’s money.”

  2. Repost:
    John on June 7, 2020 at 12:37 pm Reply
    Just a thought:

    The Queen is simply a “cardboard cutout.”
    She is controlled by her privy council.
    The privy council is the British “SES.” (Similar to the US “Just-us” SES Department 500. Esquires?)
    Who is controlling the “British SES”? (? Is not the Queen subservient to the City of London?? Who controls The City of London?)

    I’m looking at patterns. Might also pertain to the Pope?
    Did pertain to POTUS, until Trump refused to be a “cutout.”

  3. Eye wonder, the wives of these men and what part they played. I guess they could all have been bimbos, arm ornaments or the like, yet I doubt that to be the case. Something Q said early before being compromised, that stuck in my head, Follow the wives or something close to that. Curious, cause now a days they seem to be force behind some of these rats.

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