7 thoughts on “Sound of the swamp draining”

  1. Hadn’t heard of him b4, makes some extraordinary claims about sealed indictments and imminent arrests of the big name hoodlums associated with Crossfire Hurricane from a DOJ insider.
    It shouldn’t take long to find out if he’s authentic.

  2. Just finished the whole show. I’d say his reputation is on the line with what they claim, and says Carter, Digenova and other personalities have been given the same info. The Host is in Hawaii and his Director has some kind of border security outfit he runs.

  3. They believe it to be true, I searched what was on rod on you tube for today and it was a card reader, and the cards where quite active on rod rosensnazi. bad news he is looking to leave the country, hope it is true. it is all a matter of time I feel… this would be a heck of a way to get the focus off the virus hoax… but I do think there news is legit this time.

    1. Young folks are going to have an amazing future, but we need to stop this vaccination extermination program and get these kids out of public school indoctrination centers.

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