To Attorney Mark Seigel Law Firm in Georgia

Dear Mr. Seigel.

We have posted this CORRECTION & RETRACTION on the website:

We trust this fully satisfies your demand.


The team at and

You may also post a message to Seigel on his Web Email Form with something like this cat wrote:


Dear Mr. Seigel:

I have read your retraction and correction request sent to American Intelligence Media, and I have read their very reasonable reply and trust that this matter is concluded.

Frankly, unless I am missing something, your claims to “Old Glory Bank” make no sense since it appears to me that you have no company registered with the Georgia Secretary of State by that name, and such a bank IS registered by that name in Oklahoma that IS associated with Larry Elder and Candace Owens, so AIM spoke accurately.

The confusion over two attorneys with the same name is understandable and certainly does not rise to the level of malicious intent, which you alleged. In any event, AIM apologized for the misunderstanding and corrected that record with your own “TRUTH” words.

This is a non-issue brother, why did you make it an issue? Your vague reference to a disturbed investor is obvious procedural posturing for damages. Everyone knows that too many attorneys fabricate such stories like this every day before breakfast! Investor of what, trademarks you already hold? This appears to be a fishy rationale by a lawyer looking to cook up billable hours.

I would suggest these two “Michael P. Ring” attorneys with the same names notify the public more clearly so the confusion does not persist. Everyone knows that attorneys licensed in multiple states sometimes use local addresses on their filings. That is not unusual, esp. when representing a client Pro hac vice. This matter appears to be a huge stretch, at best, and could have been handled with a simple phone call. Such actions contribute to why the public holds attorneys and the legal profession in such low regard.

We ask that you stop your threat and move on.

We’ll be monitoring your ethics conduct.

–From: (Your Handle), a regular reader of American Intelligence Media.

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