Silver the Element of Change

Many people may not know how important silver has been in civilization, from beautiful art treasures to a powerful antiseptic. Share this video in your downline so we can appreciate this metal and keep it out of the hands of the globalists who need it to control their monetary system and evil track and trace system called the Internet of Things. #SilverSqueeze.

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Silver, the Metal of the Mother

3 thoughts on “Silver the Element of Change”

  1. This video did not mention that silver, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), is believed to be the first metal to become extinct from the Periodic Table of Elements due to its use in more products than any other commodity other than oil. It is lost after use because it is used in such small quantities per application that it can not be recovered. Where gold is mined and stored in vaults, silver is used and lost forever making it more valuable over time and has traditionally been used as the most popular currency throughout civilized history more than any other commodity. Silver beats worthless fiat paper currency if you can find any to buy before it explodes in price. Don’t leave home without it!

    1. Silver is not ‘extinct from the Periodic Table of Elements” at all; that is silly. Elements cannot be ‘extinguished’ from the periodic table any more than numerals can be removed from the number line in arithmetic. Perhaps you looked for it there and didn’t see it, because it is represented there in it’s latin form: argentum(Ag). Same with gold(Au), mercury(Hg), potassium(K), sodium(Na), lead(Pb), antimony(Sb), tin(Sn) & tungsten(W).

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