President Trump Dismantles Senior Executive Service with Executive Order

Betsy and Thomas review an Executive Order from October 21, 2020 that will take out the domestic enemy group called Senior Executive Service. Plus, we can’t help ourselves….and discuss the debates and highlight what’s to come in future “episodes” of Drain the Swamp.

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Executive Order President Donald J. Trump Is Taking Action to Promote Good Governance and Accountability Within the Federal Workforce

This action will enhance accountability for Federal employees who are responsible for making policy decisions that significantly affect the American people.

  • The order will not affect the Senior Executive Service.

9 thoughts on “President Trump Dismantles Senior Executive Service with Executive Order”

  1. Trump is a full on genius. Thank you , Thank you for this great news. I will be studying this for sure . The ” F” file. He has been working so hard for the American, I’m so glad that Trump has found a way through this evil path, We are reaching towards the light . God bless everyone that is helpful in this process. 👍

  2. Doesn’t SERCO run the IRA ? A few years ago in your reporting on SERCO
    there was a long list of government departments showing the involvement of
    this British corporation . The IRA was on it and this was a clue to me about
    why U.S. citizens living abroad , if their overseas earnings exceed a certain
    amount are required to submit a tax return (and possibly pay taxes ) even if they have no U.S. earnings or assets . None of my friends from Canada ,
    New Zealand , Australia or the U.K. have to do this .

  3. Unbelievably great news about Trump’s EO dismantling the SES!
    The Biden Laptop issue is exploding with more to come. Could it be happening? Is Trump about to nuke the Deep State?
    I hate to get my hopes up!
    Thank you for what you do to save our republic. Could we see Trump save Humanity???

  4. I would be pleased to converse with Douglas ASAP I get a clear sig booster. I continue to emphasize that its ZEE GERMANS / Bavarian Jesuit crowd playing the Canaris ghost dance. Why anyone hasn’t taken on the role of the degenerate Heinrich Marx in his hideout at the British Museum supported by General Beckx remains remarkable.

  5. Related DACA matter to Current amusement:

    On May 19, 2016, while the case was awaiting decision at the Supreme Court, as a lesser alternative to entirely striking the government’s pleadings, Hanen demanded that some 3,000 Department of Justice lawyers in 26 states take ethics classes, and ordered other sanctions for those who argued Texas v. United States, involving President Obama’s immigration executive actions.[8][9] Hanen did not explain why he extended his sanctions to attorneys who had no involvement in the case.[10] Hanen accused Justice Department’s lawyers of lying to him during arguments in the case, and barred them from appearing in his courtroom.[8] He accused the department of “a calculated plan of unethical conduct”.[11] Hanen also ordered Attorney General Loretta Lynch to appoint someone within the department to ensure compliance with his order.[11]

    Hanen also ordered U.S. immigration officials to turn over, within weeks, the names and addresses of 50,000 people who received deferral under the expanded deferred-action initiative.[9] The National Immigration Law Center, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Immigrants’ Rights Project, and the ACLU of Texas petitioned the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit to vacate the order or postpone the deadline.[9] Separately, the Justice Department argued in a filing in the district court than Hanen’s ordered sanctions “exceed the scope of [the court’s] authority and unjustifiably impose irreparable injury on the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and thousands of innocent third parties.”[10][12] The Justice Department also argued that additional ethics courses could cost up to $7.8 million over five years.[9]

    On June 7, 2016, Hanen stayed his order requiring ethics courses for federal attorneys and requiring U.S. immigration officials to turn over the names and addresses until August 2016.

    Notable cases
    During sentencing of a convicted child smuggler in December 2013, Hanen sharply rebuked the United States Department of Homeland Security for not prosecuting the child’s mother.[6] Hanen wrote, “DHS should cease telling the citizens of the United States that it is enforcing our border security laws because it is not. Even worse, it is helping those who violate these laws.”[7]

    While on the bench, Hanen “developed a reputation as an outspoken judicial critic of the Obama administration’s immigration policies”.[3] In February 2015, Hanen granted the State of Texas’s motion for a nationwide preliminary injunction barring President Barack Obama from carrying out the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) program.[6] In United States v. Texas, that ruling was affirmed by an equally divided Supreme Court of the United States on June 23, 2016 (with an eight-member bench due to the death of Justice Antonin Scalia).[6]

  6. SES essentially seems the Obama’s S(E)S Guard Unit (aka.Nazi SS) which is commanded by the Maxrist. That’s why President Trump was already betrayed before the election. Frankly, it’s a clean execution of bloodless revolution (Asymmetric Warfare) by the communist under the guidance of Obama and his communist hands.

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