Face Masks Fail Engineer Inspection

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Do Face Masks Actually Filter The Air We Breathe Against Viruses

face mask filter

Listen to Michael, Douglas and Tyla discuss this engineering FLAW.


Raw video file:https://aim4truth.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Face-Mask-has-Engineering-Flaws.mp3


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Notes in response to your comments in the comment box:

The pressure issue is more nuanced. The pressure equalization comes from both sides of the eardrum: (1) from the throat side, this air neutralizes an air pressure differential in the inner ear—viruses and bacteria can flow up to the middle ear and cause ear infections of the middle ear, and (2) from the outside air on the other side of the ear drum. Air passes up to and around both sides, separately.

The eardrum can absorb viruses, bacteria from the outside through the Eustachian tube up to the eardrum, so there is where the viruses get in unfiltered from the outside air. So we were more right than the lady because she was seeing the forest not the trees. We described the trees. Our premise didn’t change, but I had assumed that actual air flowed past the eardrum, but I have read multiple times that it does not, and this makes sense, since the ability to pick up sound vibrations would dissipate if air could pass around and not vibrated the eardrum. There would be no air pressure on the eardrum to pick up the sound!

ears correction



ruptured eardrum

eustacian tube


2 thoughts on “Face Masks Fail Engineer Inspection”

  1. Tyla, you have hit the nail on the head. I will take it a little further. Masking or not masking in combination with the essential businesses. What do they have in common?
    Video surveillance, specifically the big box stores. Wally World is well known for their cooperation and collusion with China, HRC, FEMA, and other Government agencies to share their data. No doubt this is to identify dissidents, yet more, as was said the improper usage, with no clear directive, is another attempt to infect and sicken the people further, especially those already having age or pre existing heath problems. It’s a shameful thing they’ve done to people, especially the older folks. Notice no clear definition of how, when, where, what to use, how to care for, reuse or store, these masks is given. Yet I’m sure whoever owns stocks in 3M is making Bank as well as others. Of course we now know how FF are used in combination with the stock market, media manipulations, to generate mass hysteria and huge profits for the inside traders.
    There is another key component not really discussed to widely is how this manufactured crisis is affecting people especially in the realm of healthcare, fear of, the seeking of medical help, going to the hospital or Doctor, dentist, and the shutting down of non essential medical procedures. All adding to their death toll and their profiting off the aging boomer class, expiring without expense to their bottom line.

    1. Drove by our local hospital today and they had a huge sign out welcoming people to come to the Emergency Room. Said they are open for business. Translated: they are not getting ANY business so they needed to market their capacity with a yard sign. Shopped all morning with my Face Mask Exempt badge. No problems entering, exiting, or paying. The people behind the counters in their employee-required face masks are really not deep thinkers folks — they just assume its a new thing the government has provided for non-mask wearers.

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