6 thoughts on “Rockefeller Foundation Promotes Evil Agenda”

  1. Coincidences? I was born and raised in Oil City Pennslvania. The place where this all started. J?D Rockefeller built this town, at one time it was one of the most beautiful cities in Pa. Every street had a side walk, luxury stores and the hub of JD Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company housed in the National Transit Building. I used to deliver the morning newspapers there. Eye wonder could there be a karmic connection in all this.
    Here’s a link to some of the history that might wet the appetite of the miners.


  2. I always wondered why we, pupils in highschool in Belgium in the sexties/seventies, were obliged to read and study the book 1984 …… Now I think I know …..

    1. “The birds sang, the proles sang, the Singoogleularity will not sing.”

      ~ Georgeric O’Kurzblairweill

  3. So, if they steal the election (Dems, & they will), because we didn’t do squat to prevent it, then the next day the UN, whom has vehicles under armed guard in every state will assist FEMA in escorting us to our beheadings by guillotine.
    Yep, Americans are lame. They will crash the dollar and we’ll give them our guns for a few bites of food that wont even be digested when your head falls into the trough. I’m out of here……

    1. It is said that they tell us beforehand in books and movies what they are going to do that they predict the future, my friend. There are many promoted stories such as 1984, Brave New World and Movies as was spoke of in the audio. dwelt on and even studied upon.
      However there are less studied and promoted stories of alternate time lines that predict a different outcome. Perhaps revisiting and studying them will change your perspective.
      Do not dwell on the evil look to the good.


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