Judge Illusion-War-Gamble is Coming After Alex Jones

Earlier today we tried accessing court documents on the Alex Jones trial that should be available for public viewing, but the judge had blocked the links to the documents on the Travis County Odyssey Portal (the online place that these docs would be accessible.)

We immediately went to Gab … the meme war room…. and the AFI miners!

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When we were unable to unlock these documents on the tranny judge’s website, we called the TRUTH BUSTERS in the AFI mines and requested that they locate these documents. This is what they found:

Death of the U.S. 1st Amendment in Texas?

Sandy Hook plaintiffs (British Pilgrims Society) today just asked for $150 million in damages, despite fundamental legal failure to ask for a retraction before starting their defamation lawsuit – Alex Jones was denied all due process rights including to cross-examine his accusers

Marcel Fontaine v. Alex E. Jones et al. (Apr. 06, 2022). ORIGINAL PETITION, Cause No. D-1-GN-18-001605. (459th Dist. Crt. Travis Cty. TX, Yale Law Judge Maya Guerra Gamble).

Marcel Fontaine v. Alex E. Jones et al. (Accessed Jul. 26, 2022). DOCKET, Cause No. D-1-GN-18-001605. (459th Dist. Crt. Travis Cty. TX, Yale Law Judge Maya Guerra Gamble).


Is it time to pull Jones and InfoWars off of alternative media? He is no longer being effective in keeping WTP from a frontal attack of the PILGRIMS SOCIETY. His job was to limit us (limited hangout, controlled oppo) to lower level war actors like the CFR, Knights of Malta, Deep State, Vatican, etc. so that WTP would stay disorganized and not realize that all of them, INCLUDING THE PREDATOR JEWS, are all in one big club. The Pilgrims Society’s warfare strategy is to keep themselves hidden from the masses by their paid SHILLS in the alternative media. But WTP aren’t stupid. We learned the truth. And we are pissed and ready to lop off heads.

The Pilgrims is a beast with many heads.

Recently we pressed Alex why he hasn’t interviewed the most relevant entrepreneur of our time – Michael McKibben, founder of Leader Technologies, Inc and INVENTOR of social media networking. Jeez, he has time to interview BAR attorneys like Robert Barnes, but simply can’t find time for Michael.

Maybe it’s easier for the PILGRIMS to close down Infowars and remove Alex from the public stage than it is to introduce Michael, his backstory, and ENORMOUS catalog of documented inconvenient truths about the Pilgrims and their puppeticians. We think this is why Ann Vandersteel shut down her website operation recently. AIMCats pressed her hard for not putting Michael’s picture on her gallery page, even after having him as a guest a few times. Was it easier, Ms. VanderSHILL, to just shut down your website operations rather place Michael and his name on your gallery page?

Michael McKibben, the most relevant entrepreneur of our time.

Anybody smell a false flag operation with the Jones SHOW TRIAL?


Make sure your downline knows about this judge. Here is its contact info if you want to rattle the cages.