8 thoughts on “Is there life after global genocide?”

  1. Your title – ”Is there life after global genocide?”. Tyler kept trying to get Thomas focused back into answering this. It was very frustrating to listen to an hour of meandering and regurgitating everything we already know. Thomas spent more time talking about ancient history than practical plans for the coming catastrophe. Hearing about Noah’s ark and believing in ‘hope’ is not what I was expecting to hear.
    Let’s flip the script next time – Thomas, you do the intro; and Tyler, you do the body of the content. Or, change the title – this one fits the definition of ‘click bait’, and it is not your style!

  2. Good day, thank you for the audio and the movie referral. We watched it last night. Jennie thought it sucked, lol, I on the other hand didn’t think that. Perhaps because I’ve been contemplating the possible outcomes of our current situation. Doing so, does in certain ways give feelings of helplessness and futility. Yet the movie plot (total ahnillation) doesn’t really apply. Our scenario is much more complex. Quite frankly the world ending scenario would be much easier to navigate. However if one were to take the shot and they start seeing others drop dead from the poisoning they could have the same sort of outcome.
    Douglas made a statement about us not knowing the true effects of this shot, actually I disagree, knowing evil, that their is no depth to which they won’t go, one would have to assume that they have had human experiments and have a pretty good idea of the effects. As I’ve stated previously the logic of killing off their obedient sheep, seems faulty, but I won’t go in to that now, and go with the standard assumption and discuss the possible outcomes. In essence we can assume it to be a depopulation event.
    We’ve done the numbers according to Deagle and were left with 2 of every 3 dead. Our first concern will be dealing with the dead and dying. A mass mobilization of heavy equipment as the need for mass gravesites for that many dead individual service won’t be possible. The next issue at hand will be dealing with the trauma on those who live. Put them to work as soon as possible, the fallout will no doubt break the supply chain, along with the need to sustain our critical infrastructure. Topping that list is our nuclear power stations will have to be kept from breakdown, community water supply will also be a top priority. Food collection distribution sites will as well need to be established. With the loss of so many, food shouldn’t be an immediate problem yet getting people in place to provide future needs will need to happen. Major cities will become obsolete, there will be no way to maintain them and will likely be of no use to us in the future. Establishing communication will also be a major hurdle as our ability to maintain the internet style will be limited. There will also be a need to reestablish security measures, fire departments, Healthcare, etc, getting those of the survivors into placement for leading, and teaching others, skills to maintain some form of civil society. These are just a few of the hurdles we will have to navigate before restructuring our society begins.
    You may ask, what of the criminals that caused this, well I think as those that have taken the poison, and realizing their death is imminent will take care of eliminating those guilty of this genocide.
    This subject would be great to sit down and spitball. Doing so and having some idea of what to expect might just save us from this becoming a mass extinction event.
    Please chime in folks, the 48 are going to have to step up!

    1. Thank you, Ron. Yes, everything will need to be re-established after the crash and the genocide of billions. We will need all 48 to show up for duty!

  3. We have always had a garden, but with contrails and Bill Gates buying up all the farmland and blocking the sun, it’s affecting my ability to grow. I have noticed a huge reduction in productivity, and that’s even if I can get the plants to grow. Survival without being able to buy anything because I will refuse to take the vaccine, will be tricky. I can stockpile supplies but probably not enough for more than a year. And they there will be all those who see we are eating and will come around asking for food. I don’t know what to expect but I’m doing anything I can think of that may help us survive. And we’re too old to procreate even if we do.

  4. Sorry for a double comment but the book “The Stand” just came to mind. It’s been a long time but didn’t a virus kill most of the population and the remaining people faced all those challenges Ron mentioned?

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