8 thoughts on “The Economic Reset is Happening NOW”


    CDC Is A Privately Owned Vaccine Company! .

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claims the CDC owns patents on at least 57 different

    vaccines . profits $4.1 billion per year in vaccination sales.

  2. George Washington the founder of USA only would hold the office of President 2 terms. George Washington also kept in the Constitution 1 rep per 30,000. That was the only thing he commented on.
    Keep in mind that someone has to run the debits and credits and having a private company do that instead of government employees in of itself is not a bad idea. As you said we allowed the Fed to become rogue.
    At the same time as the Fed was created was when the Peoples House was restricted to 435 because the building could not hold anymore desks. The final Law was passed by a Republican controlled DC. Who says 435 is a proper number for 330 million people which gives us a 1 per 700,000+ representation.
    If you believe in the Constitution and not a King then we have to demand as the Constitution allows and get our representation closer to 10,000 members. Let them then decide how they want to organize it and where they will meet. At least having them living in their home districts and out of DC will be a boon for us.
    Think about it. Is this We The People or Trump? Once the member of the House are out of the swamp they will become less infected by corporate power and do things for the benefit of the People that they live with.
    A Representative came to my state and he met with all of the state, regional, county and city leaders. They got his ear, not the citizens. After his meetting with those “officials” he was back to DC.

    1. Hello from Australia Timothy . consider what is a “citizen” . of what .

      read Anna von Reitz for truth!

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