4 thoughts on “Neo-Imperialism – A Discussion with John Barnwell and Douglas Gabriel”

  1. Thanks guys! This has me really rethinking everything! My conclusion is in many ways we’ve been in 1984 for a long long time. Surely thru this embodiment. Causing me to rethink everything. We are living in a Neo Imperialistic creation, an unnatural made up evolution.
    Are you all seeing this as well?

  2. Very, very disturbing, when looking back with new eyes. How long? All the wars, the Native Americans had it figured out and they, those warlocks and witches, through their acts of propaganda, mind control, monetary control, wizardry killed them off. Going to be a long day!

  3. Eradication of peace, love, family, everything good, replacing it with hated, prejudice, division, illnesses, all the while exploiting us, stealing our life forces, redirecting to fill their coffers. Truly an animal farm. Holy Moley literally I’ve fell off the deep end. Time for a nice long bike ride!

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