The BEST is yet to come

Thomas had two pages of notes that needed to be explained to Betsy about all the amazing things Donald Trump has done to move us forward in the war against the INVISIBLE ENEMY. Betsy insisted that we record the discussion so all y’all could hear, too. Thomas wrapped up at the end by giving his predictions. Listen up. You know how right he has been for many things. Wink.


Raw audio file:


5 thoughts on “The BEST is yet to come”

  1. Trump’s reset of all the new judges has gradually changed the landscape . Most recently you reported how the court upheld Federal executions… as much as I am tired of the bad guys getting a pass, putting this piece in place NOW could be valuable for what could be coming down the road.

    Again I so appreciate your time and talents at this time in history!


  2. Fantastic! And on Holy Thursday too. Look into the liturgy of today, in the original Latin rite, of course. Blessing of the oils, washing of feet, institution of the Holy Eucharist…It NEVER occurred to e (I have followed my own nose and yours too from the beginning) that what I am seeing around me are the various battles in this war. The present COVERT-19 v**us is another attack. When edited ‘RETHINKING AIDS” 1992-96) we always had a bead on Fauci as well as the EIS over at the private CDC and prevention. Thanks for sorting all this out. It is not only encouraging, but profitable. May Sunday find you praising; Surexit!

    1. We absolutely were aware of Holy Thursday when we recorded this. We are in a huge war with the INVISIBLE ENEMY… which is the British Imperial Empire. We didn’t really win the American Revolution with the Brits. We need to get this done with President Trump so we can truly be free from British tyranny.

  3. I’m grateful these resets and reports on them, especially for our children’s sakes. What I must ask is what about all of us that have suffered so from the damages linflicted upon us from the past transgressions, those who’ve lost homes, credit ratings decimated, unplayable debts accordingly associated with the destructive compounding interests.
    I ask for the reason so many now are left into the cold penniless, jobless, in debtors prison, without homes, lost businesses, drivers lisences, banking priveledges, credit, and so on. How do we return to society?
    These damages to the people are real and still ongoing with this global shutdown.
    Could you give us so predictions, hope that we can at least begin anew, an erasure of these debt burdens inflicted upon us from the system of funny money and corruption that has hurt so many.
    So many now lie dormant, unable to climb out of the hole that was dug for them. Such a waste of human potential.

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