Bill Barr Throws a Bone with No Meat

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Raw audio file:


If you missed all the drama over at Conservative Treehouse, a Treeper summarized:

Yes, but it’s spread out… if you don’t follow him it’s not all in one place.

Sundance was saying that he figured out while in Washington that there is someone else running things, above Durham, and that guy or girl makes him think that heads are going to roll and we should all be ‘of good cheer’ everything’s happening… but if he doesn’t hear of them doing anything significant by the middle of August, he’s going to publicly release the investigator’s name, to force the DOJ’s hand so they don’t let rogue personnel push it off until after the Election.

Here’s a pretty good summary where he outlines what he’s thinking and what he’s going to do, he gives them a Friday at 5p.m. deadline

The whole time he’s basically saying that the DOJ, he believes is doing the right thing and will end all this before the election, but that it’s too close and he can’t take the chance.

Then on twitter, Wednesday, he said that someone had called him and asked him to hold off until Tuesday (which would be after his Friday deadline)… he says he declined.

Thursday night (before the deadline) Barr unannounced goes on Hannity for no reason at all, then mentions that something minor will come out Friday.

Friday (today) we get the low hanging fruit thing about Clinefucker. It even looks like they rushed the documents for release, almost as if they were trying to prove something to Sundance, and hold him off for a couple days.

Here’s the latest when he acquiesces to Tuesday.

and here he is on twitter again tonight saying everything’s cool, be cheerful, everything’s going to be alright.

He’s also been frequently tagging Kerri Kupec the spokeswoman for the DOJ (who may be who called him) and he keeps talking about something going on in Colorado, and how Barr was in Wyoming. Leading people to believe that there’s a prosecutor or investigator in Colorado who has been spearheading all this shit secretly for well over a year.

So I guess the DOJ is doing something Tuesday.

18 thoughts on “Bill Barr Throws a Bone with No Meat”

  1. Looks like Andrew Weissman has been reading the CAT report. The below tweet looks a bit like projection to me.
    Andrew Weissmann
    Aug 14
    Trump Is turning us into a so-called third world banana republic, only masquerading as a first world democracy. Is that how you make America great again? We broke from England to have voter representation. His motto shd be Make America Great Britain Again.

    The words “His slogan should be Make America British Again” are suspiciously close to the words Weissman used and can be found near the top of your report from July 2018.

  2. How you can refer to Hillary Clinton without the word catbox is beyond me. She and Bill murdered Vince Foster. Hillary was recorded by White House security following Foster’s dead body rolled up in a carpet from Hillary’s quarters and out through the old subway tunnel. USE IT.

    1. What about the evidence at OKC? It is so comforting how our great intelligence agencies are so quick to find the bad guys after the crime but for the life of them they can’t get it together before. Then to find out it is one of their own trained men.

  3. So I understand we have two weeks or justice says nothing can be brought forward sixty days to an election. It seems Trump is going to have to go fron fake news to withdrawing their right to use the air waves. I feel a civil war coming on, sad but maybe.

  4. We are not at the end of the line. You do not talk of the “rule of law” joke. The British made the Magna Carta, Habeas Corpus, Maritime Law, International Law, Common Law etc. If you consider it the British did not have the money to run the British East India Company. They used the propaganda of wealth along with the might of the British people to convince the world of their wealth. This all happened once Columbus proved the land on the Earth was finite. The Monarchs proceeded to claim the land. Britain made the law and spread it around. They have used it to make money for them taken from the people. We call them Esquire. Don’t forget what the doctors have done to us in their associations. We really need to talk of a plan forward or all of this is for naught. What happens when Trump gets the white powder?

  5. I wish you would stop talking about privacy on the internet. The Constitution only said your adobe is secure. With this talk of security on the net you diffuse the original right. How do we stop the government control on us? We defund the federal government. Can you handle that? Can you demand transparency? Can you demand truth and be willing to die? I can and will. Be real, don’t think and tell people that we deserve or we should send these people to prison when we have allowed this to go on for so long. As I have said, a person cannot go one vacation and then come back and bitch their money has been stolen from their business and expect the government to find the person and retrieve the money. We did not make the victims of Bernie Madoff whole? One more thing on search and seizure. A dog or K-9 can now alert an officer to the need to search your car and home. Even an officer with a whiff of the dreaded pot can strip you car and home to bare bones until they find the evil substance. I am not black but I know what they talk of and that is the police always get their man. Come hell or high water they will hunt you down and we pay for that. No concept of the criminal having a close call and turning good, no the government will hound you for crimes committed years a go and keep you in their grip as long as we the people allow it.

  6. Good job again. It appears your competition is lazy. But give Millie some credit; I learned a lot from her movie. Her arrest is curious to say the least, but it might be real.

    1. Her movie is lame. She doesn’t go far enough – stays in the shallow end to keep you from looking at Arvinder Sambei, the Pilgrims Society say “well maybe she doesn’t know”. If she doesn’t she is a poor researcher. Not interested in her drama spin zone that goes nowhere but round and round.

  7. I finally listened to Millie’s video last night.
    1. A section of the video between 45:50 – 47:40, the female “whistleblower,” talks about her having access to the “backdoor,” I believe to the entire NSA system. Five or six times they show a picture of (I believe) a computer chip on a piece of paper that also has writing saying “KEI STONE.” At the end, approximately 47:28, they repeat this three times, “Keystone, Keystone, Keystone,” as the password. That has to be referring to the SES.

    2. The second thing that is obvious this afternoon, is that the video is still available on YouTube. There is no way that this video would still be available, unless the swamp wants it available. That tells me that even though the video may contain some valid information, this is a psi op! And psi ops can be coming from any side. Seeing that Millie was arrested on what appears to be a bogus charge, I cannot help but believe that this is coming from Billy Barrs jurisdiction. But of course, there is also significant corruption and swamp creatures in Ohio.

    1. YouTube and Twitter finally ban Millie’s documentary around 9:23 PM on August 16. Over two days after its original posting. They usually ban these things within minutes, instead of days. My guess is that this “false flag” is over. Only needed to cover the weekend.
      Now onto the next “Act,” and distraction of the sheep.

      Mark Dice
      Police cars revolving light
      YouTube just banned Millie Weaver’s new #ShadowGate documentary, claiming it violates their policies against “hate speech.” Twitter won’t even let me post a link to where it was, claiming it leads to “harmful” content.

      9:23 PM · Aug 16, 2020

      1. Bingo. It was hype to distract us from the real enemy – the Pilgrims Society. We just uncovered some breaking historical news on Henry Kissinger that will put more light on the corruption.

      2. Here is an excellent interview between a retired lawyer and George Webb, showing the evidence concerning the “Millie arrest.” (The first six minutes gives you the story.). She was indicted on four counts primarily, the domestic violence, theft of a phone, and destruction of evidence (plus one more?). The indictment was written in June or July. It was “sealed” because for some unknown reason, children were involved. Millie was just visiting that house, where she was arrested. And “someone,” informed the police, and they acted on the outstanding warrant.

        It had absolutely nothing to do with her new video. The timing was simply an “opportunity” that appeared or the Ohio police. And it appears as if Alex Jones is “milking,” this opportunity. (maybe I’m becoming too skeptical, but I wonder if Alex was the one who “dropped the dime” on Millie.). Webb does have some dirt on the DA that signed the warrant, but that’s a whole different can of worms.

        McDuff and Webb

  8. Do my ears deceive me? Biden’s campaign is being run by the Brits and we celebrate a new movie about Diana? Don’t these East Coast patriots ever have enough of fawning over these people? Oh, Camelot. It really is never ending but do we ever talk lovingly about Mexico?

    1. Paul Sperry

      BREAKING: Joe Biden’s senior campaign adviser, Anita Dunn, has listed Chinese communist dictator and mass murderer Mao Zedong as one of her favorite political philosophers whom “I turn to most … to figure out how to do things that have never been done before.”

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