8 thoughts on “Bill Barr is a TRAITOR of the United States”

  1. I wonder Billy Bagpipes how it feels to betray the POTUS and the Patriots of this country? Imagine people once looked up to you, now will forever know you as a traitor! I assuming you’re in way to deep to turn it around. You had Epstein, the key to taking down every high level sleazy child rapist around the world, You’ve had a coup allowed to take place right under your nose, let them get away with everything except that low level lawyer. Why him Bill? A warning to him perhaps, to keep his mouth shut. Your kind has succeeded in showing us the dark side of humanity Bill, the deepest and darkest aspects of a liar and traitor! In a way we must Thank You, we now see these once held institutions of higher education and socialization for what they are, a witches cauldron where they breed the likes of you, The reckoning is coming Bill, history will always reflect back on the name Barr with the likes of John Wilkes Booth, a traitor to his own people.

    1. If he doesn’t produce something NOW in a BIG WAY, patriots will have him swinging by the neck, hanged for treason….after a proper trial, of course, by We the People, and not one of their swamp judges.

      1. “If he doesn’t produce something NOW in a BIG WAY, patriots will have him swinging by the neck, hanged for treason……”
        It’s now 14 October, get to it you queefing cuck.

      2. Yep, we all got get real about these traitors. They will need to hang…after a proper trial where we will show the evidence of their crimes. Lard-ass will be a big one swinging from the gallows…his buddy Mueller can stand beside him.

    2. B Barr’s TOTAL INCOMPETENCE, in “not finding evidence” of election fraud is enuf to make one vomit. Additionally, the supremes need to also be at the end of a TREASON ROPE for making such an unfuckingbelievable error in “judgement” regarding their DO NOTHING RULING. How in the HELL can there be ANY “law and order” in America when the top dogs, fbi,doj, and the supremes are all too busy sucking the democrat’s dick……….. It is very evident that PATRIOTS will have to TAKE BACK AMERICA – BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY – since these top dogs are all TRAITORS AND NEED A ROPE BURN…. LOCK AND LOAD PATRIOTS…………..

  2. Everyone Trump has brought on is deep state ! He lost me with the covid scam & the last straw is military administered vaccines. I will not be voting in Bilderburg scam election. No more choosing from the least of 2 evils !! I hear we have to vote so there will be such a landslide it can’t be denied that Trump won. I call BS on all of it !I T’S A CLUB & WE AIN’T IN IT, PEOPLE !!

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