3 thoughts on “Bill Barr is a TRAITOR of the United States”

  1. I wonder Billy Bagpipes how it feels to betray the POTUS and the Patriots of this country? Imagine people once looked up to you, now will forever know you as a traitor! I assuming you’re in way to deep to turn it around. You had Epstein, the key to taking down every high level sleazy child rapist around the world, You’ve had a coup allowed to take place right under your nose, let them get away with everything except that low level lawyer. Why him Bill? A warning to him perhaps, to keep his mouth shut. Your kind has succeeded in showing us the dark side of humanity Bill, the deepest and darkest aspects of a liar and traitor! In a way we must Thank You, we now see these once held institutions of higher education and socialization for what they are, a witches cauldron where they breed the likes of you, The reckoning is coming Bill, history will always reflect back on the name Barr with the likes of John Wilkes Booth, a traitor to his own people.


    1. If he doesn’t produce something NOW in a BIG WAY, patriots will have him swinging by the neck, hanged for treason….after a proper trial, of course, by We the People, and not one of their swamp judges.

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  2. Everyone Trump has brought on is deep state ! He lost me with the covid scam & the last straw is military administered vaccines. I will not be voting in Bilderburg scam election. No more choosing from the least of 2 evils !! I hear we have to vote so there will be such a landslide it can’t be denied that Trump won. I call BS on all of it !I T’S A CLUB & WE AIN’T IN IT, PEOPLE !!


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