How Many Federal Crimes Were Committed in this Election Fraud Operation?

Michael, Douglas, and Tyla review the latest updates on election fraud. They explain, once again, how Mark Malloch-Brown, a UK Privy Councilor, is behind the foreign election interference and how the traitors in America are committing massive conspiracy.

Raw audio:


From July 18, 2018 Evil Men Who Rig Our Elections. We told you about Dominion, Sequoia, Smartmatic, Hart InterCivic, and their shared software Optech. We busted Mitt’s son Tagg Romney for running the backroom ops for dad Mitt – OVER TWO YEARS AGO!

5 thoughts on “How Many Federal Crimes Were Committed in this Election Fraud Operation?”

  1. Justin Trudeau PM Canada has his roommate in University now running SERCO in Vancouver (at UBC I recall) and SERCO is deeply involved in DOMINION Voter machines. (As a side note rumored to be Pedos). Amazing World we live in. Enjoy.

  2. I’m afraid the American Bar Association and all of their membership are going to allow Biden. The American people think that the courts are our friends but I don’t think so. I thought Trump would prevail but now I’m not too sure. The march on DC today was impressive but from the media to more and more in the public I think they will just let it go and declare we need a commission to investigate it.
    I so agree with Michael that we don’t have to deny every vote but just the fact of sloppy elections makes it invalid. After all this is the people’s country.
    I will once again suggest to follow the Constitution after one hundred years of having the House at 435. 1 per 30,000 should be our goal before we start killing each other.

    1. Why has it taken this to happen before “ALL” this “CORRUPTION” is being brought to light ?
      Why didn’t the good guys , who ever that may be these days , why didn’t this come out much sooner ? What will it take to correct this broken system, and the people be able to trust our elections again !

  3. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely 💯 .
    WE THE PEOPLE got lazy and did not research our elected officials. I have learned to NEVER trust what a POLITICIAN says. When they say I have to be a centrist and move to the center to get elected. Centrist is code word to lie to get what I desire. Then do what I want.
    It takes a boat load of money to get elected. Why? Because of cover-ups, changing ones perceptions, and lying about their opponents. If Politicians told us what they were about and ran on their record very few would get re-elected. They tell you their record knowing you won’t take the time to investigate for yourself. DO NOT DEPEND ON ADDS and the MEDIA for TRUTH.

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