12 thoughts on “BUSTED: TÜV SÜD and Foreign Election Interference”

  1. You tree are my heroes and my light at the end of the tunnel….!

    Hope you are able to keep Sydney Powel up to date !?

    TÜV = Technischer ÜberwachungsVerein ( Association for Technical Inspection )
    SÜD = South ( of Germany, HQ in Munich )
    TÜV NORD is activ in Sweden and more than 70 other countries

    Kind regards,

    1. The German Gestapo In Munchen working hard to improve they hard point of NWO. So I just wondering if the NAZI GERMANY is still alive , or it s the new Rothschild Cooperation is finally opening his final stage to unveil the real empire what they was building 200 years and the direct connection of THE SQUARE MILE OF LONDON CORPORATION taking a full control???

      1. It was always an operation of the ROTHCHILDS and they are hiding up under the Queen’s skirts for protection. They are the top dogs at the Pilgrims not-so-secret-anymore Society.

    2. Tyla, Douglas, Michael, where do I join to fight in this World War?
      How can we do anything at this late date to stop any of this TREASON?
      I’m very upset over all the negative information I learned from you and feel very helpless!
      What can I do?

  2. Frank:
    Zionist Anglo American power structure.

    Soros/ Lord Mark Mallock Brown- puppets of the Banking dictatorship.

    In this tree, power relations are purely financial; they correspond to fundings. Under a different criteria, the tree might look different. In reality, every component is influencing, and is being influenced, it’s not that hierarchical .

    (the tree only makes sense of an informal system,;it brings reason to a reality that is more diffuse, it’s only an intellectual construction). 

    The goal of the apparatus that the tree unveils is to implement and promote certain ideas in order to create civil unrest. Those ideas are : 

    – climate change is real, upcoming ecological apocalypse (Green New deal) 

    – diversity and immigration are beneficial (The current pope, National immigration forum, Sin Fronteras) 

    – the workplace is dangerous, it’s a place of abuse, discrimination and harassment 

    (Time’s Up) 

    – black suffering, systemic racism, black oppression, white responsibility (Black lives 

    matter, Time’s up, Color of change, Move on)

    – Wealth should be re distributed, rich people don’t deserve their wealth and made profit 

    thanks to black exploitation (Occupy wall street, Time’s up) 

    So it’s clear that this specific apparatus is mainly focusing on ethnic and racial issues. 

    It’s working through a combination of chosen politicians (chosen not for their talent and 

    merit but for their ethnicity and who they can appeal to, eg: Tina Chen ——-> Natives, 

    AOC ——> latinos, The Obamas ——> Blacks) and private organisations, movements, 

    societies, think tanks, and political institutes. The latest pretend to be informal, organic

    movements created by the people, who later on took a legal existence (bottom up 

    dynamic), but they actually are the result of fully funded, top-down initiatives.

    The supporting ideologies behind those politicians, organisations and lobbies are Cultural Marxism and Jewish Black Alliance.

    1. Cultural marxism can be described as continuing academic and intellectual efforts to subvert traditional Christian Western culture. It sees culture as more efficient than politics or economics to change society and bring revolution.

    It is centred around : 

    – notions of victimhood 

    – weaponising white guilt 

    – indoctrination of college students and younger kids 

    – political radicalism 

    – critiquing everything that is normal 

    2. Jewish Black Alliance  is an organisation as well as an ideology that proclaimsthat most African Americans actually descend from black hebrews Israelites, and therefore should embrace judaism and promote jewish interests and zionism. Among famous « jew and blacks » we have : Shaun King, part of the BLM movement and founder of the political 

    action committee « Real Justice »; Kamala Harris, now vice president; and Trevor Noah, 

    political commentator. They do not advertise themselves as jews, and therefore are 

    precious to the cause, because they promote jewish interests while appearing to fight for 

    people of colours rights. Moreover, blacks in America are typically regarded as christians, 

    so most people wouldn’t suspect the majority of racial justice organisations leaders actually identify as jewish. 

    Something to remember : 

    What this tree doesn’t show is that Soros (and other influential self described 

    philanthropists) dont only fund leftists and leftists’s fights. The maximum instability 

    and conflict can only be reached through funding both sides. That’s the reason why 

    Soros, while serving jewish interests, support anti Israeli efforts through funding Palestine 

    and Iran for example. Two wings of the same bird.

    Soros’s money also goes to neocons (neoconservatism). Even if they appear to be anti globalists, in reality neocons and right wing organisations in general serve the dominating system, just like the left does. Neocons, for that matter, are just a modern expression of British Imperialism, an ideology standing, that any nation which is a potential competitor, or which does not have an explicitly subservient client relationship to the imperial centre,

    will be sabotaged through various types of managed instability. 

    A great source of the social Economic and gro- political machinations of British imperialism is the journist Gerard O  Colmain.  His exposure of the so-called Monroe doctrine shows that both the political left and the right are both controlled by the Rockefeller Lodge in New York. 

  3. I have known for awhile that immigrants could buy their way into America with an investment in a business. Lately I was reading about Americans buying our way into other countries for the purpose of dual passports / dual citizenship. Researching that you find the USA has no figures on the numbers but is said to be rampant in government employees. You also cannot be denied your American citizenship. If you give it up you still have it so these people can vote in both countries and fly there depending on the passport they use. This shows a real inequality to the American citizen.
    I was reading Bulwark Magazine which is an insider DC magazine about a women that is Republican but voted against Trump. Her claim for compassion is joining a Jewish agency for pregnant Jewish women. Bill Kristol is a part of this group and I learned the term birthirism and how we are the problem in America. I found it interesting and wonder how many people are dual citizens and this Jewish influence in DC is severe and they all have Israel citizenship if they can prove Jewish. The people don’t understand how severe this is to what we think is our nation and our heritage etc. It would be nice to know how many dual citizens are in America.

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