Is Bill Barr Ignoring Huge Insider Trading Scam to Protect the Rothschilds,the Queen, and Bill Gates?


Reuters (UK) (Rothschilds) is directing the global mockingbird media Coronavirus “news” devised to inject DNA-altering substance into every human being on earth

On Jun. 13, 2020, announced AstraZenca Plc won global contract to distribute 2 billion COVID-19 vaccines

AstraZeneca is closely linked to Moderna Inc. in COVID-19 human trials already underway

On Jun. 23, 2020, announced AstraZenca Plc is allied with Pirbright Institute (UK); teed up a two-shot vaccine

Press release. (Jun. 13, 2020). AstraZeneca agrees to supply Europe with 400 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine. Reuters.

Kate Kelland. (Jun. 23, 2020). [Pirbright Institute] Pig trial of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine shows promise with two shots. Reuters.

AstraZenca/Moderna’s INTERLOCKING INTERESTS disqualify them from any involvement in Coronavirus whose patent is owned by the Pirbright Institute (U.S. Pat. No. 10,130,701)

AstraZenca is controlled by the Pilgrims Society, UK government, U.S. DARPA, Bill Gates, Wellcome Trust, C.I.A., MI-6

ANALYSIS. (Aug. 05, 2020). AstraZeneca/GSK/Moderna’s Disqualifying Interlocking Relationships. Anonymous Patriots.

As we are waiting for Bill Barr to do his friggin’ job, we hand him on a silver digital platter ANOTHER citizen intelligence report, this time an insider trading scam that intends to harm billions of people. Do you think Barr and his team of Senior Executive Service attorneys can prosecute these folks for INSIDER TRADING?

Bill Barr 538 days no indictments

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Moderna’s totally disqualifying RED FLAG “strategic” relationships to the Queen, Wellcome Trust, and Bill Gates


57 thoughts on “Is Bill Barr Ignoring Huge Insider Trading Scam to Protect the Rothschilds,the Queen, and Bill Gates?”

  1. If AG Bill Barr had so much as a gram of integrity in his 490 pounds of lard and toxins, he would have arrested some of these swine by now. The evidence is clear, and the numerous frauds are evident. Bill Gates is a psychopath hiding behind a white lab coat with numerous ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ cards. British Empire/freemason/ Khazarian mafia ties pushing that we all must die so they can have more.

    1. Don’t you think it takes a good deal of time to get the info and docs ironclad? Perhaps they have a plan to nail them all at once. I will hold onto hope until the election.

      1. Bill Barr the Bloviator has done NOTHING and we are sick and tired. We are less than 90 days away from the election and he hasn’t moved his fat ass toward indicting ANYONE in the swamp, especially his Senior Executive Service buddies.

      2. THIS, I do know. If I walk into my well lit living room, KNOWING there are 1,000 cockroaches hiding under a shoe box in the middle of the room, I do NOT lift up the box to ‘check them out’. I go to my toy box and get out a can of Raid and after poking a small hole in the box, I provide their evening’s entertainment. Yes, I do so hope you are right. But knowing Barr’s conduct during cocaine’s heydays during the Bush41 administration and during his father’s time as headmaster at an all-girls’ school in Manhattan, I have no choice but to expect the worst.

    2. Barr is protecting the crown agents – from the Queen and the Privy Council down to the rotten Senior Executive Services…oh yeah and the Rothschilds and Pilgrims. That’s ok after a huge Trump landslide, we will be circling back to Bagpipe Billy for TREASON. It’s his decision to make. Now. Or after the elections. Do it now, you are a hero. Do it after the election, you are a TRAITOR.

      1. Our Spirit, A++++++ This guy’s immense appetite indicates a need to escape himself. His problem is not fear, His problem is being exposed. CIA, SES, Bush41 AG, etc., The dude is a turd raised to sacrifice others for his own comfort.

    3. I thought the Khazarian Mafia bailed Trump out of Bankrupcy, and then they funded his presidential race in 2016. (Rothchilds) He certainly has them in his cabinet, and he is pushing 5G and then 6 G,Vaccines, PPE, and praising Brix and keeping Fauci in situe…..whats REALLY going on with Trump????????

      Might this explain a lot….if it does, then the USA has no REAL choice as the Republicans AND the Democrates seem to have been infiltrated!! Its no different here in the UK!!

      1. The City of London Khazarian mafia is the big zit on President Trump’s karma. They just nuked Beirut, because it was there, This COVID scam is 100% Khazarian City of London mafia, following their REAL fresh ‘COVID-19′ biowarfare attack on Wuhan’s 110 nation international banking system celebration, as was blowing up the Deepwater Horizon oil well and the Fukushima daiichi nuclear facility. Opening the show with the detonation of the Kellogg corporation’s nuke demolition system installed in 1969 per the demand of the Manhattan insurance underwriters’ DEMAND that the WTCs be able ONLY to collapse straight down in the event of ANY act of God. They did wait until the steel was up 15 stories before lodging their complaint(Not theory. I was in the room. Young at 16, but a precocious reader, and our home hosted the 1969 meeting where these things were discussed amongst all parties and the decision finalized). Look up the USGS and Japan earthquake monitoring charts for the Fukushima incident. BOTH record a 6.7 epicentered quake 50 miles inland with the signatures of 2-3 major nukes midway through most likely in the sub-oceanic trench out in front of Fukushima. Whoever blew that place up(Israeli security brought in the mininukes which were photographed) is the most stupid two legged creature EVER to draw breath.

      2. BOTH American central democrat and central republican parties are run by treasonous American British freemasons. The BOTH maintain the status quo of crooked over-built voting machines to ensure their treasonous little bitsses for the British Empire win. Europe uses their own computerized systems but unlike ours, their machines are too simple to load other tallies and components to change votes. After our machines spit in our faces, the democrat and republican party faithful load them up, and put them back for safe keeping for the next election.

      3. You should remember who EXACTLY the “trasonous British ” ACTUALLY are. As a matter of FACT, they are NOT the British people, but the Ashkenazi who populate the Monachy and the Government, just as they do the USA establishment

      4. “They” probably would, but that does not mean the people of the UK would object if they were forced to!!

      5. I w-i-ll s—a–y-it a—gain sulowly . American British freemasonry now controls both central democrat and republican parties and thus maintains America’s crooked computer voting machines.

      6. The case seems to be that both Barr and Trump were drafted to accept their nominations because they both are guilty of serious legal offenses, but maintain the capacities to behave as patriotic Americans, unlike the democrtas persecuting president Trump. They gave up their souls by forming a criminal cabal to murder the government of Ukraine to get their grubby little mitts on a 7.5 billion dollar loan from the IMF. Schiffty Adam, Pelosi, Creepy Joementia Biden, et all. The u.S. marine Corps knows their names, and the box these cockroaches are hiding under is being addressed.

      7. Libtards need to be concerned…Will President Trump use the military to force vaccinations on the Democrat numbskulls? Whatever he says, they oppose. So what will they do when it comes time for the vaccinations. Will they listen to Trump or Biden? Either way, they lose.

      8. President Trump is surrounded by Khazarian mafia and Pilgrims’ Society. A vaccine for corona viruses is absurd. It would have to be a Pirbright institute vaccine for SARS. Forced? These swine have lied to the pubic so many times in keeping with the tradition of government as your worst enemy, we can not trust the vaccine, and neutralize this dominant authority. Fukushima and the ongoing MASSIVE radiation leaks should have been stopped using WTC basement maker nukes to scoop out under the facilities. The pros do not lead. The Lizard queen and her ‘Netherworld’ are top most on the priority list for them.

      9. So when exactly is Trump going to do something that will actually end this nightmare….some are now saying he is part of it!!

      10. There is a multilevel chess game going on that may be the most serious ever. The obsolete and mentally and morally degenerate Vatican and Church of England do not want their wings clipped and understand that the old CJ ‘End Times’ pageantry is merely the execution of a repugnant edict that the earth be destroyed because ‘God says so.’ EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE OF MEGA-DESTRUCTION NOTED BY HUMANITY over the past 20 years can be blamed on human effort. From the Kellogg Corporation’s loading the nuke demolition systems into the WTCs, the nukes in the Manhattan U.N. building and the Chicago Sears(Willis) tower, the Deepwater Horizon, the SARS and ‘COVID-19’ releases and the 2011 Fukushima daiichi sabotage are merely grandiose vandalism by agents of The City of London, the Church of England, and the Vatican, and their American stooges.

  2. Oh. That weird stuff I have been telling ya’ll about Bill Gates and the guys when they were high schoolers and Gates’ father and Jack Abramoff motivational technique? It is all 100% unembellished truth. This is where Gates psychosis comes from. Disposable humanity via adherence to Talmudic principals.

  3. This article and video is spot on.

    Once again Aim Truth Bits knocks it outta the park.

    Think about it . . . 538 DAYS IN OFFICE and 0 INDICTMENTS OF SWAMP RATS !!!

    1. He is Senior Executive Services and we don’t trust him as far as we could throw his traitorous lard ass. Bill, prove us wrong. Are you a traitor or a patriot?

    2. There is enough evidence against Obama, Hillary Clinton, the former FBI Director and other high FBI officials, Lynch, Biden, etc. to have taken to the Grand Jury, BUT NOTHING! Is the Socialist Democrats really running the country? Hillary and the rest of the criminals should have been in prison a year ago. Looks like their never going to pay their treasonable acts. Barr has plenty of evidence, but just setting on it. Even a General a few months ago told the troops not to take orders from the Commander in Chief, this is treason, yet he’s still a General. I hate to say it but it looks like our Constitutional Republic will end after the election is rigged by the Socialist Democrats and their Republican allies.

  4. You ask if Barr can prosecute? I say, “he can if he has a death wish. LOL!” We’re still waiting for him to use Judicial Watch FOIA information to prosecute many if he chooses to. You can’t clean the swamp when you surround yourself with swamp creatures who do their own bidding, not yours.

    1. AG Barr could order up a fully loaded Colt .45 automatic and call in a detachment of U.S. Marines to provide sufficient protection to do a sloppy job to get the job done. We know that if we have a shoe box in the middle of the room with 1,000 cockroaches underneath, we minimize the chances of them sensing our presence until we have fetched a can of Black Flag and made a small hole in the box for their evening entertainment. Once the laughing gas is dispensed, we can sit back until the excitement has subsided, then sweep up. This works best with cockroaches and crooked politicians and morons who blow up nuclear plants and skyscrapers full of people.

      1. Think of an upside down box in the middle of the room with 10,000 cockroaches under it. #1-Do NOT lift the box. #1a-Don’t let them know you are there #2-Go get the laughing gas. #3-Drill a small hole to inject the laughing gas into the overturned box. #4- Inject laughing gas and wait for the party to die down before calmly and efficiently sweeping up the exhausted guests. An election half way through this clean up would have been hectic and fraught with false accusations. The new Gates msn internet news is so full of lies and just plain lost parakeet crap from writers knowing nothing about microbiology so as to make it plain Gates has lost mass support from the REAL scientific community. He could not find honest writers who wanted anything to do with him. It is intuitively obvious.

      2. We reject the mandatory use of vaccines. If the brain-dead, zombie lefties want to inject poison into their bloodstream, so be it. We don’t need trump to tell us what to do on this one. Patriots know that evil Bill Gates is out to exterminate humanity with his vaccines. Trump knows and is playing the libtards…or he is being ill-advised by SES staff. No way would President Trump want harm to come to citizens. We just need to grab all the SES enemies and jail or hang them for treason, sedition, and/or espionage.

      3. Well I agree with all you say, we have the same problem here in the UK with the Bafoon Johnson taking orders from Whitty, who holds £600,000 shares in the Vaccine Company! You may well reject the use of mandatory vaccines, but Trump actually needs to TELL the US public what they do not know. It is NOT good enough to let innocent and misguided human beings injecting poisons into themselves because they are mistaken by properganda, lies and MSM. A more Christian approach to them is required.

      4. The queen of England and Prince Phillip are not Christian. That is to make the subjects behave. THEY are worshippers of the ancient Egyptian death cult. And like certain south Americans, suffer brain damage from centuries if coca use.

      5. A more Christian approach to the ‘corona-SARS problem’ would necessarily include exposure of British royalty and the Pirbright activity which you claim ALSO includes corona-SARS/5G activity. Things like dropping the 5G towers legally ASAP.

      6. Trump, unfortunately, can not as yet separate the greedy vaccine producers from the realistic vaccine producers. This is an important point. The numerous booster shots necessary to implement a successful vaccine schedule for such a benign chameleon virus make its production similar to taking an ocean liner, putting wheels on it and a safety inspection to cruise the freeways. Trusting it will permanently stop traffic. Totally absurd. Already, thanks to schools like Stanford, the public now knows that the real death rate from corona viruses is less than 0.5% of patients, with the very old and of delicate health making up most all of these numbers. Corona and rhinoviruses are in us, outside of us, and transferring genetic and non-genetic information between. And just hanging around, without incident. The ‘COVID-19’ campaign was a second release of the corona virus carriers for the SARS gene, which for less than 20 days is an extremely virulent combination. The queen of England holds several U.S. Patents for her Pirbright Institute’s work matching corona viruses with SARS genes. Bill Gates funded it since before 2003. He bribed Anthony Fauci with $100 million too to get his Billkill program in as U.S. government policy. In 2010, the Rockefeller Foundation released their published ‘Lock Step’ Plandemic playbook and field manual for implementing the ‘COVID-19’ practice pandemic as settled on during an earlier 159 U.N. country agreement on a rehearsal for containing a potential pandemic. Thousands of old people were killed in the disobedience of federal government policy. DARPA also funded this. Queen Elizabeth’s SERCO corporation’s contract to run the U.S. Patent office allowed her to get these patents WITHOUT the legally required review. Read these and be wise: The DNC Democrats are now freemason led traitors to the U.S Constitution. As is the central republican committee. State parties vary from wise collections of honest hard working people, while some are merely British agents gathered in treasonous campaigns against our Constitution and government.

      7. Yup and I am British and live just 20 mins drive from Purbright. When I tell fellow Brits these facts they think I am mad! Prince Charles is now spear heading the WEF Great Reset….he needs exposing along with his brother for te pedeo they ALL are….Jimmy Saville’s best buddy at Buckingham Palace for 20 years

      8. Don’t forget all those array antennas going on at the Cobbett Earth Station over in Pirbright. Satellites, 5G, viruses, and deadly vaccines are all part of the Pilgrims Society (Privy Council, included) plan to exterminate humanity.

      9. Yes I know….so is Trump aware,and if so what is he going to do about it or is he compremised by Epstein?

      10. Horseman, A++++ I have not observed anybody repeating the information about who owns the SERCO U.S. Patents for corona-SARS virus, cures, and vaccines as of November 20. 2018. Never try to teach a pig to sing. It is a waste of time and it annoys the pig. Those calling you mad are merely grateful to God that they were not kidnapped , tortured, and had their blood all sucked out. Prince Charles recent announcement of ‘launching a millitrie style adVENture’ to put the British royalty at the head of the table on earth is both telling and indicative that he understands how simple minded and overtaxed in the head his ‘subjects’ are. Remember that queen Elizabeth and Phillip intend on taking as many of their subjects into their Netherworld when they die. Yes. This includes those who die unfortunately in the service to the throne.

      11. Lame. Very lame. The result of debauchery, pedophilia, excessive cocaine use, and the delusion that his formal inbreeding produced anything but life better suited to raking leaves or removing weeds from endless rows of commercial crops. Years ago, I could not figure out WHY Al ‘D’ Gore was chosen by theLizard queen to lead her ‘Global Warming for tax credits ‘ scam. Well, he is a famous U.S. politician, but his presentations were aimed at 10 year olds. So i checked on Al ‘D’s scholastic record. I had already discovered that the first two directors of the new weather stations used for the ‘Global Warming’ scam had resigned over the mandated inclusion of defective equipment for temperature data input. I also, to my delight, discvered that many of these new ‘weather stations’ had been installed next to brand new black asphalt airports, parking lots, air conditioner exhaust, and other large flat black asphalt expanses. Queen Lizard FAIL. No more filthy lucre for you.

      12. I discovered that Al had taken just ONE science class throughout his entire scholastic career. The result of Al’s noble selfless quest for truth and knowledge in this science course, Natural Science, 101? D. Al Gore got a ‘D’ in his only science class he ever took in college. Look it up.

  5. I have just received the lasted instalment of Joachim Hagopian’s book on Peodaphilia and Empire. Link to it is below. All the other chapters are equally informative.

    AlthoughI I have not finished reading all docs., it is becoming plainly obviouse that there has been a Military Coup some 4 years ago,when to avoid the obviouse turmoil, and collective Goyim world nerviouse breakdown, (coming anyway when ALL will be reveiled about the Zionist Cabal inspired 300 year Usery and Peodo crimes against humanity), the US Military have installed Trump as their “Useful idiot” playing a role in much the same way The Zionist Cabal in London have installed their “useful Idiots” in Barr, and Bill Gates and others etc. The Military are learning the Protocols of Zion methods and truning it against them!! The Military are playing the same tactics as the Zionists it would seem. The Zionist Cabal is obviously aware of this operation, and have unleashed this Covid 19 fear Porn “Plandemic” as their last gasp at retaining world control over the Goyim, who are beginging to wake up and join the dots. Well at least those that are not wearing Face Daipers that is!!! Trump has obviosuly been compremised by Epstein/Maxwell, as has his former wife, the Jewess, Ivanor Trump (Ivanks Mother) The Military are now preparing for his second term as POTUS, when, after they have reappointed him as POTUS, he will be quietly “retired” and receive exonerations for his past misdemeners with minors, having played his role to bring down the Pedeo Cabal sussefully. I guess then it will be up to the Vice Presedent to become POTUS and spill the beans to the world of how the Zionist Cabal has used peodophilia to further their adenda towards a NWO and Zionist Jew Empire, headed up by the Rothchilds and the Zionist British Royal Windsors. I wonder if Trump will be instructed before any such “retirement” to exonerate Mike Flynn? Note that the photo of Trump in the Oval Office with the militry lineup of Generals and Admirals well placed with 9 of them to his right and 11 to his left, sending a clear signal to the Cabal that THEY know who was behind the 9/11 false Flag ! The current Covid 19 false flag and giant hoax is their last gasp at gaining the upperhand which will of course fail!!

  6. I see the psyop “Q” has recently posted a list of Dems and Rep officials charged with rape etc. Still wondering here in the UK who “Q” is!!!!

  7. NOTE: These scientists were essential to getting out the esoteric FACTS about microbiology and scientifically proved realities and systems of biowarfare microbiology. I merely received high marks in a first level university lecture/laboratory class combination, so I can more likely than the average researcher catch a liar like Anthony Fauci, who is the scummiest lying-by-omission PoS ever to dare show his face in public. Hopefully Dr. Atlas from Harvard and his family are aware of the political intrigues and are being guarded. A convalescent home across Lake Washington from Seattle manifested an abrupt HIGH PERCENTAGE death rate from ‘COVID-19’ just after the initial outbreak in Wuhan. And to my surprise on digging deeper, I found that the very NEIGHBORHOOD this convalescent home is in ALSO had the densest 5G tower grid installed anywhere in the U.S. shortly before the breakout. (SEARCH; Kirkland Washington 5G grid). This fact can not be ignored. 5G is reported to produce the exact same lung damage, occasionally and immediately fatal, to nearby birds that corona-SARS was noted to do. Good thing the Military Tribunals are a different set of laws than civilian government.

    1. That is, Dr. Scott Atlas from STANFORD. You can not walk into Stanford waving $20 million around to get an instant medical degree. The CDC stooge Dr. Robert Redfield referred to the very highly credentialed Dr. Atlas as a “liar and a moron”. I imagine he got some of the Gates/Fauci $100 million to be a stooge. I aced microbiology and can point out the EVER INCREASING PROOFS of CDC, WHO, and Fauci LIES to financially destroy the U.S., with the help of American British freemasons, Pilgrims’ Society, Skull and Bones, and the stooges for all of the above like Antifa, etc.. AGAIN, refer to this post and let the British royals turn slowly, slowly in the wind for their treason to those under tyranny in the ‘Commonweath’. Watch and listen tight:

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