American higher education was neutered with free flowing Andrew Carnegie Pilgrims Society funds before 1909

ANDREW CARNEGIE: “The public may regard trusts and combinations (us Robber barons) with serene confidence”

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Notably, the new C.I.A. director is William Joseph Burns, the former president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (2014-2021).

The specters have gathered in a large dark thunder cloud.

The specter of William Joseph Donovan secretly created the CIA as a British operation of MI6. Not surprisingly, Burns was a Marshall (Plan) Scholar at Oxford—a prime Pilgrims specter hangout.

Burns’ too-good-to-be-real biography is classical Pilgrims Society grooming.

3 thoughts on “American higher education was neutered with free flowing Andrew Carnegie Pilgrims Society funds before 1909”

  1. {Did the Patriots take down the CIA’s [“Snow White” & its [7] Dwarfs”] [Surveillance Supercomputers] in ~2018??

    Pepes, Anons, what’s with the missing “I”>”C_A”???}∞φ†


    1. Folded/wrinkled flags supposedly=compromised,corrupt,traitorous.I see two u.s. Flags as described.This Burns guy is Reptilian superposterboy d.s.C.g.i. Or somethings up with the eyes,but super enlarge photo seems to show vertical slit pupils.Somethings amiss!! 🙂


  2. Seeing Mike and the Miners dig back through their stories, I believe that they could likely dig back to the time man put stick to clay, the power of propaganda, was used on the people. By using wealth, miss or non education,, titles, tiaras, armies, and the most potent of all, using man’s inherent goodness against themselves, these manipulators have been able to direct and control societies in any direction they willed.. Most humans I believe want to follow good, to be rewarded,, and through their known manipulations of this instinct, achieved the most hanous crimes.


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