5G Extermination Looks Like Coronavirus

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Raw audio file: https://aim4truthblog.files.wordpress.com/2020/04/we-are-being-cooked-with-5g.mp3


Coronavirus: US Navy captain pleads for help over outbreak


Fauci said CCP virus originated in China



Senior Executive Services NEUTRALIZED


The Rockefeller Foundation Coronavirus Script


5 thoughts on “5G Extermination Looks Like Coronavirus”

    1. Thank you! Love the audio. Have not listened to you guys since you left You Tube but happy to have found you again. Interesting on 5G and how it predisposes you to illness. Sorry if not saying it right. But I became Hyperthyroid about 8 months ago. It is getting better now but not because of the pharma drugs but because of KI which interestingly enough blocks radiation and is ONLY used if one is not able to take the traditional pharma drugs i.e. Methimazole.

  1. “Now AIDS is HIV. What’s the IV? That’s four and H means human so this is human virus IV.” HOLY SHIT THE LAUGHTER FROM THE ROOM! Oh Douglas, you don’t even know what HIV stands for. We’ll help you. It’s “human immunodeficiency virus.” Not “human four.” Oh my that was great. Can’t wait to hear the next 50 minutes of this audio!

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