5 thoughts on “Henry Kissinger Sold out America to the Pilgrims Society”

  1. Henry Kissinger, the original “useless eater” is, along with Soros and the other globalist maggots, a plague on the World. He and Gates are kings of the depopulation agenda.

    1. They need to be executed IMMEDIATELY. Patriots want to see the gallows built on the Washington Mall and line ’em up. Start with every member of the Pilgrims Society. They are all guilty of crimes against humanity.

      1. In 1945, Maxwell married Elisabeth “Betty” Meynard, a French Protestant, and the couple had nine children over the next sixteen years: Michael, Philip, Ann, Christine, Isabel, Karine, Ian, Kevin and Ghislaine. We did not see your claim that Elisabeth was a daughter of Kissinger. Name your source or you will be banned from making comments on this site.

  2. And we thought Hitler, Stahlin, and Mao were evil, they don’t hold a candle to these Pilgrim Society Members and their crimes. Just Wow. It just can’t be imagined the toll of human suffering they’ve enacted upon the people and nations of this world. What putrid beings they are.

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