Evidence of the animalistic herd view of human beings in 1901 by self-anointed British elitist

This is an amazing find. We find Charles F.G. Masterman (Pilgrim and founder of Wellington House, British War Propaganda Bureau) and Wilson (settlement movement advocate, Pilgrim, Lenin’s Pilgrims Society handler, organizer of First Imperial Press Conference, 1909, Empire Press Union, MI6, MI5, GC&CS, New York Times editor, likely handler for the British spy to Roosevelt-Churchill, “Intrepid” in WWII, possible MI6 handler of the International YMCA, esp. in US and China.

Charles F.G. Masterman, Philip Whitwell Wilson, Lawrence, Bray, Proov, Head, Gooch, Trevelyan.  (1901). The Heart of the Empire: Discussions of Problems of Modern City Life in England. T. F. Unwin, London.

Evidence of the animalistic herd view of fellow human beings in 1901 by self-anointed British elitist

2 thoughts on “Evidence of the animalistic herd view of human beings in 1901 by self-anointed British elitist”

  1. I’ve often wondered what draw cities have, having children who choose that lifestyle. My conclusion is the glamorization and portrayal the recieved via media. A cascading event no doubt, one that feeds off of each other. The bread and circuses are all now located in major cities, moved there over time so as to capitalize on numbers.
    An interesting read as the author presents his view on the future being guided (pg414) by action, which I interpret as force, and not being allowed to advance in his favorite term to undermine throughout the writing, of laissez-faire. His condenation of conservatism is volatile, predicting an ill effect on societal advancement and leading to another dark age.
    So here we are over a hundred years on from this book, what do we see? I see two very different societies have evolved, that of the city and that of the rural, where common governance of them is impossible, yet the more populated cities want to rule over the country with little to no knowledge of the rural society. Their problems are in most instances are not our problems, their ways in the cities of life are incompatible with the rural. The city dweller has little or no understanding of nature and its working, for them viewing life outside their overpopulated concrete steel prisons into the wilderness is impossible.

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