5 thoughts on “Anthony Fauci Leads Humanity into the Abyss”

  1. There is a picture with Fauci with Mother Treasa and it says that she is one of the biggest Child trafficker and Fauci is her son and when you look at the picture of the two of them side by side they really look like family for sure there nose and eyes are the same .Then it said Father With Son and that made it even more crazy this was Q post


  2. I have an image which I want to share here!
    There isn’t a way to upload it here!
    So click on the link to my Twitter account that is my auxiliary account as the original acct was deleted by Twitter during their recent purge!

    It is about Anthony Fauci!
    The title is apropos as well!
    Faucian Bargain!
    Information jives nicely with your outstanding presentation!

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  3. the crown on snake represents marquis…as opposed to say a baron who would have 8 strawberry leaves to a marquis 4


  4. Can someone point me towards the study that Dr. Anthony Fauci did in 2008 that shows wearing facemasks caused Pneumonia? I found a study done by David M. Morens, Jeffery K. Taubenberger, and Anthony S. Fauci In 2008 but does not seem to conclude that facemasks were the cause of the pneumonia? I also cannot seem to find any documented trail of life insurance company is not covering people that were vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine. Any help would be greatly appreciated I would just like to verify these claims before I tell others.


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