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Copyright Office to Regulate Memes with Lawfare

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How Those Memes You Just Posted Could Soon Cost You $30,000


Translation by a patriot commentor:

Allow me to paint a picture for you:
You post a meme making fun of a Democrat politician or “woke” institution.

They contact the new “Copyright Enforcement Board” created by this law to report your meme, and give the wrong defendant address on purpose.

The “Copyright Enforcement Board” sends out a letter to the wrong address telling you you’re being subjected to fines w/o judicial review unless you “opt out”.

You know nothing until you’re blind-sided and bankrupted with $30,000 in fines PER VIEW of the meme you posted months later, with zero judicial recourse, the feds are just there to auction off everything you own.


AIM notation: And don’t forget who controls the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office – none other than British SERCO. These are Crown Agents using unconstitutional laws to suppress American free speech.

Bottom line:  The old royal lizard b*tch is trying to shut up Americans. Not goin’ happen on our watch!

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And remember who works in the Copyright office?



michael Ohr at desk


Michael’s Mommy and Daddy pictured below with their good friend Crown prosecutor Alison Saunders at their infamous dinner meeting held at the Ohr’s four days before Robert Hannigan came over from GCHQ and wiretapped Trump Towers with the assistance of traitor John Brennan.

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